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Talking to this particular individual was so interesting for me. He is an upcoming rap artist who goes by the name Aaron. His vibe is very Kendrick Lamar, Roy Woods and we happened to be following each other for the longest time on Twitter. As soon as I announced I was starting Real Talk With Ree, and wanted to speak to some amazing upcoming talent, he was the first person to let me know he was interested. Anyway, as soon as I started listening to his music on Youtube, I was immediately taken aback by his lyrical intelligence- the metaphors, the wordplay and puns used. It made his music comical, yet deep. This is how our conversation went down:

Okay, as soon as I heard your OUUU remix, I was like you are special. Young M.A. did kill that song massively,may I add and you’re obviously one of many who have done a remix to that song. I’ve also heard Cadets, and I loved his too. But, your version was great too! I’m so off topic, but what I wanted to say was that I heard an American accent instantly, is that where you are from originally? And if so, how has that challenged you entering the UK music scene?

 (Laughs) I get that question every time. No I’m not American. I was born and raised in Germany. I was first introduced to Hip Hop/Rap music in 2001. One of my older cousins had bought T.I.’s album “I’m Serious” and I kept listening to the song “Dope Boyz”. That was the accent I got familiar with, I had never heard of a UK rap scene back then despite the fact that I do speak English. So ever since that day I stuck with that accent. This probably explains why I love the Atlanta accent so much.

 Aaron Photo 2

That’s so interesting! I feel like when you rap, you have a social yet political kind of disposition. You’re not just rapping, you’re actually telling people what life is like through your eyes, you communicate with the current affairs of the 21st century, you mention Trump, religion and a bunch of other stuff. Would you say you’re influenced heavily by what goes on around you? And is that important for you?

Yes I’m heavily influenced by what goes on around me. The things I witness every day, my family, my friends, my life experiences and like you say the current affairs of the 21st century. I listen to all types of songs and I detect different messages. But I wanna be different, I am totally against the typical “Money, Cars & Women” type of songs. As an artist, you have a massive influence on your audience whether you agree with it or not, you do. And the type of lyrics you write transmits different types of energies. It is very important to me that I use my faith & lyrics to transmit positive energy & love to all those who listen to me.

I love the fact that you said that and I completely agree. As an artist, you need to have a certain level of responsibility about what your fans and listeners take from your music about love, life, just everything. It’s so key. When I listened to your raps and watched your videos, especially the Nas Album Remix Part 2, I felt as if you were in your own cypher. You know the cyphers specifically that the BET AWARDS do to display various freestylers. It was like a  a short lyrical extraction of your art.

Thank you (smiles) this is the first time I have heard this. It was not my intention to make it look like a BET CYPHER. Me & my team just sat down and wanted to bring out a visual to every freestyle. We didn’t have the necessary resources to make a high-quality video so we just shot it with my iPhone 5s & one of my homies “Fanthom” edited it on his MacBook. And yes this is a very short lyrical extraction of my art. All I can say is that there is much more to come.

Okay, so it wasn’t planned?Regardless, I thought it was real and raw and that’s what I’m about.As you can tell by the name of my website (laughs). All kind of artists have their own unique sound, brand and vibe but they have to be inspired by the next artist and the next and the next. I feel like it’s a cycle that is never ending. You never stop growing and learning within the industry so who would you say inspires your artistry?

Wow there are so many but within the Hip Hop world I would say 50 Cent for the lyrical part & knowing how to write killer hooks. T.I. for the variety of flows & the southern swag I just love . Finally, Ace Hood for the energy, hunger & stage presence. I listen to as many songs as possible because I wanna keep learning more and more about this beautiful art of Hip Hop. I’m currently listening to all the classic albums: Nas, Pac, Biggie, Jay Z, etc. I want to dig deeper to really understand what Hip Hop is. I watch every possible interview, freestyle, long story short I’m obsessed with it.

Aaron photo 3

Wow. The need to keep topping up your knowledge about your genre is so credible. For example, I’m sure a lot of artists nowadays come into the UK grime genre, without a clue about how it all started.So, Aaron what can we expect from you? And how can we stay connected?

You can expect storytelling, motivating & emotional tracks based on my own life experiences. And you can stay connected to me via social media :

Twitter: @aaroncikaya

IG: @aaroncikaya

Snapchat: @aaroncikaya

You can check out Aaron’s Got Bars Part 2 here:

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