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When I came to discover the scale of this entertainment group- which involved 4 hardworking, genuine young black men, I was intrigued and in awe. Bebe Garcon don’t only bring entertainment to you, they capture moments with you that will last a life time and a story that is compelling, and thriving off ambition. They want to make a mark, and i genuinely needed to know where they planned to start…

So,who are the members of Bebe Garcon and what do you each bring to the business? Roles?  ( Basically introduce yourself individually) – going to insert a group picture of you guys

Members of Bebe Garcon:
Edwin Armah – Marketing/Social Media
Leon Thorpe – Finance/Social Media
Jeffrey Henshaw – Marketing
Michael Agyepong – Bookings/Logistics
Collectively, we bring new ideas for example Jeffrey and Edwin thought about creating our own clothing line, meanwhile Michael and Leon thought about introducing the showcase to Brighton.

Bebe Garcon, you guys just went French just like that! At first, I didn’t even know what it meant and even when I looked at the logo, I was still baffled. Can you explain to me what Bebe Garcon means and how you guys came up with that name?

Honestly, we came up with the idea of doing events and clothing at Michael’s old house in Brighton, due to people around us having babies, which inspired us to do something positive to benefit them in the long-term. Jeffrey thought about the name Bebe Garcon, which means Baby Boy in English, at the time we had a lot of ideas in mind, hence why we are a multi-entertainment group, for us to branch out into different market areas.Now you know the meaning of the name, you will be able to understand the picture design and why we used for our logo

I wanted to know what it was like being a group of young black men starting an entertainment group? Because I know as soon as I heard of BEBE GARCON, I thought okay, they do uni raves, they are this and that, just a whole bunch of things came to mind. How does your business differ from these stereotypes?So, you guys are an entertainment group which started in University.

Bebe Garcon Pic 1.jpg
Left to right : Edwin,Leon, Jeffrey & Michael
At first when we thought of the name we knew the type of back lash it will come with, the name baby boy does not sit well with young females of today, which we obviously know. But as we discussed before in the previous question our name does have a deeper meaning behind it. We also knew that the name Bebe Garcon will catch people’s eye to make them go out the way to research what it means.

You guys are all so handsome, I’m sure you get a lot of female attention regarding your business and stuff like that. And I’m very nosy, so I wanna know how you guys deal with the attention, do you guys even get attention and more numbers from girls? and  How do you stay focused and level-headed whilst doing it?

 (laughs) no comment

Okay, last thing I want to know.. How are you guys going to expand your business? I think your logo is memorable enough to be plastered on t-shirts, maybe some baby clothing? Can you guys be ever so nice and reveal a little something-something? And how can we stay connected to you?

We are humble of where we are today and what we have achieved thus far, because as you know there is not a lot of black young people willing to jump and take chances. Leading on from this we are looking to do clothing but in a unique way. We are continuously thinking of new ideas to bring to life but for now we are taking things step by step.
You can Follow us on the socials
Twitter: BebeGarcon1
Instagram: BebeGaron1
Personal Social:
Edwin: Twitter & Instagram – Edwin_a9
Jeffrey: Twitter – Jeffldn    Instagram- jeffldn1
Michael: Twitter – mikes_

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