The completion of CIR

I am locked into a conversation with CIR, right now, I think they are the most dynamic, artistic and professional individuals I have had the pleasure of working with and speaking too. Their flavor and their energy is infectious and with their backgrounds being projected into their sound, they are the realest. You can tell that they are from humble beginnings, however their ambitions to further their musical careers at such a competitive time in music is so inspiring to me. I really had to speak to them about what they are doing, the songs they currently have out now and everything to do with CIR. So this is what happened when I stepped into CIR world..

You guys are a music group that do grime/rap? Please correct me if I’m wrong because I’m literally going by what I heard when I was listening to your music.  What does CIR stand for? Because I’m fully moving like I know what it stands for if it does stand for anything.

Yeah, we’re a rap group of 5 with one as the in-house producer and we’re from Enfield, North London, and CIR is short for Circle.

I’m guessing it represents your circle, your squad as people would like to say. What was the vision when you guys established yourselves as artists? Like what was going through your minds that made you come together and decide to pursue music? And how do you think you differ from other groups right now?

We decided to make music that was more relatable to the everyday individual, music that we haven’t heard before, different but good. Our chemistry made it a natural thing, we vibe together to the same music, so it’s easier to like what we each bring to the table and how we sound collectively. The music we make stems from our vibe, emotions, thoughts, and experiences. In terms of pursuing music, it was really based on the love and support we received from friends and others when we first released ‘Shxt I Don’t Do’. Made us think; “Rah, if we keep working and continue to keep it organic, we could really do this”. 

I was listening to Lock Boy, and I really want to know what a lock boy is. Like, I have no idea whatsoever (laughs). What is a Lock Boy? Also, you guys are really cheeky in that song . When I heard “If you don’t rate you can suck my backside”, it made me laugh but at the same time I was thinking rah. I would really hate to be on the wrong side of these guys (laughs). And then when you were like “I’m still here for my black tings” I felt so proud. Because a lot of rappers do visuals and do songs that don’t necessarily put young black women on the same level, the way they do girls of other ethnic groups.

Anyone that resides in Enfield Lock is a Lock Boy/Girl, we grew up and still live in the area, and on this song, we just gave our individual perspectives as a Lock Boy. About that line… it makes sense init (laughs), but nah we can only be ourselves in the booth, we have too much love and respect for our black queens but we embrace women of all cultures regardless

I felt like I was back in the So Solid Crew era when I heard One More Time, I think the way you guys presented yourselves individually gave me that vibe. It’s genius!  I feel like its mysterious but gets you in a turn-up kind of mood. Like I just wanted to do a quick milly rock. Even when you’re like “ Nothing but real n*ggas in my circle” and how you “gonna be the same even when the money goes up”.

Thank you, we appreciate that. Mz likes creating that sort of element in the beats he makes, that song’s special because it pushed us to create something we didn’t think we had the ability to create at the time, and sonically it was a milestone for us. – But yh that’s Estee and Mz spitting some real stuff.

Okay, so my favorite song is sh*t I don’t do. This tune yeah (laughs), I don’t think you understand how great I think this song is. I think it’s so good because people are forever on an image when it comes to rapping like some people like to pretend they are living a life they aren’t. And it’s sad, but you guys keep it 100 percent real. I love it. Like you guys don’t trap, don’t lick ass where she does poos (laughs) but you guys talk about having sex with girls with nice bodies and smoke green, but not the white stuff.  What made you even come up with this, please? How did it come about?


(laughs) thank you! First song we released, there wasn’t going to be a better introduction for us. Mz played us the beat and laid the verse not long after, we all caught the vibe and went with the flow.  It was all about expressing our views and giving people a faint idea of what we’re about.

I really want to know what you guys are on when it comes to your relations with females. Yes, if you didn’t know I am hella nosy and I wanna know who’s single? And if you are, what would you want in a potential partner?

We like women that are understanding. We working (laughs)

Nothing more to say after that (laughs)- you heard it ladies!I have enjoyed talking to you guys. Really and truly, I want to know what’s next for CIR and how do we stay connected to you?

Likewise Ree! For CIR, just a lot more music this year, that’s the focus. We’ve got a couple videos due to drop this year but in the meantime, we’ll be updating our SoundCloud frequently, so follow us here :
On Twitter you can find us all by searching CIR or #CIRWORLD.

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