Jamming with JMC

This individual goes by the name of JMC, he is incredibly talented and literally evokes so much emotion and feeling when he spits or rhymes. He is poetically and lyrically powerful. His mind is so beyond the conscious and known, you really have to step into this whole other dimension just to comprehend the realness and the deepness he shares in his work. I am ecstatic to be talking to him, because I believe he is great and I can’t wait for you all to understand and hear the greatness

Can I just say your poems actually touch my soul, like the spoken word vibe is just heavenly and I actually write poetry myself. I don’t record it or anything, I simply just write it for my own enjoyment. What made you start writing and recording?

I recall writing my first set of poems and songs in primary school I remember by the age of 9, I completed a notebook of poems and songs. I would write about school and mostly girls in school to be honest. Then throughout secondary school I did the same thing and I still have one of those notebooks now. I moved to England in year 9 (from St Lucia) and continued writing poetry. I only started recording when I came to England and developed a London accent. But music and poetry have always been a part of my identity.

You were in this game from young! Wow (laughs).So,the first poem I heard of yours was Surface Cleaner, and as you know that is my favourite one. I felt like it was about a young man overcoming heartbreak, it was so passionate and so emotional because the metaphor of a Surface Cleaner is like you are trying to get rid of the past. What really got, me was when you said wipe out the mistakes, you mention being a born sinner, and  what made me laugh was when you said I’m not mixed raced just light skin ,because I can relate (laughs). And finally, when you said if your love is really love than I guess it ain’t. That was some deep stuff. You also go on to mention that you were in a relationship that led to an engagement at 19 year old. Is this real? I just want to know what was going through your mind while writing this?

photographed by @gabrielasobczak
I’ve always been a guy of faith, but I never really took my faith seriously until I left college. I met this girl through a friend and almost instantly we fell in love. And as you might have heard in my poem/song Surface Cleaner, we got engaged at the age of 19. So yeah surface cleaner is a song that’s fully factual. It was literally me explaining how I felt through poetry as well as giving my side of a complicated story.

You are so brave to put all that out there for everybody to listen too, the kind of vulnerability that went into it is commendable. JMC, when you said lets coincide when I go inside, what did you mean by that? (laughs) because my imagination is going backwards and forwards about this. I don’t know whether it is supposed to be explicit, or there’s a double meaning so please help me with that. Also, I felt like Coincide was an intimate fantasy without being intimate, because you mention taking off your suit and tie, but not to get in between her thighs. And what really got my attention was how much I visualized every word, every sentence you said.  What inspired you to write such an emotional yet raunchy piece?

Coincide is like my girl when it comes to music I love that song. I never speak about sex or I try not to evoke a negative message in my music but when I do, I try to make it sound nice (laughs). But, in my verses, I wanted to evoke an emotional sense of love. Almost like the song ‘beneath your beautiful’ hence when I say not necessarily to get between your thighs’.I think in my life and my work I try to make a reflection of my feelings, so there’s many sides to me and my verses in coincide reflect that.
photographed by @gabrielasobczak

So, I know that you’ve put everything on the line to do this. I’ve told you that I see you selling out shows, people listening to you from everywhere just to hear your poetry. Would you say that your poem Dislocated Man is based on you? Because you say “poetry is your everything, your girl, your life”. How would you say poetry has shaped you as a man? As I also know you are a man of faith, who’s serious about his Christian walk.

Poetry has shaped me in so many way but pardon the pun when I say poetry and myself coincide in a way. I think to an extent I am poetry and poetry is me. I think it I breathe it I am it. I was blessed with a gift from God and I try to use that gift as often as I can and I hope I can inspire people to know God through me. I just want be to a man of substance and I want to help people better themselves. I see poetry as a means of art which can empower everyone.

Lastly I would like to say thanks for letting me have this conversation with you, and to anyone out there who wants to know more about me you can follow my social media below and stay tuned for a number of my singles and poetry every single day throughout the year.

 instagram :@comptonprince758

 twitter :@officialJMC758

Listen to ‘Surface Cleaner’ by JMC:

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