Stepping into the kitchen with Temi Ty

Temi Ty is a chef, who is the creator and owner of Temi Ty Kitchen, a business where he makes and delivers wholesome homemade favourites such as honey glazed wings, mac n cheese, oxtail,  and jollof rice. I get hungry just thinking about all the food he cooks, but I really am excited to just talk about food with him ( laughs).He specialises in Afro-Carribean cuisine, but also is furthering his culinary skills into other foods also. There are no limits to where his business can go, and I am rooting for it and beyond! TTK ( Temi Ty Kitchen) TO THE WORLD BABY. Lets see what we get up too


Right now, I am talking to Temi Ty, CEO, OWNER, and FOOD EXTRAODINARE. Anything else?  (Laughs)  I came across pictures of your food on twitter, and I was so hungry and it looked so damn good! Anyway, I clicked on your profile because I was thinking who is this dude? Like, I’ve never seen anything like it. I literally stalked your page for a good three months before I followed you but unfortunately, I didn’t get a follow back. That was a sad day for me. So, when did you get to that point where you enjoyed cooking so much, that you turned it into a business?

(Laughs) and Accounting & Finance degree holder. (laughs) apologies if I never followed back I was probably acting for twitter. Well to be very honest, it was all very sudden because I was a student at the time, in my final year and never thought I would start a business let alone a food business. I would describe it as a “lightbulb” moment when a friend of mine offered to pay me for a pot of jollof rice as she had exams (Yeah I had exams too). But coming back to your question, I’ve always loved food and so turning something you love into the lifestyle you live made so much sense to me.

That’s so crazy, but the best things come from spontaneity, it was like it was always supposed to happen. I think you can agree with me when I say social media is such a multi-use platform, and I’ve seen that that’s your way of promoting new menus, deliveries etc. What advantages do you think social media has given in terms of running a business like your own?

Social media has helped promote and elevate my business to where it is today. Erm in terms of running my business, it keeps me quite organised as people can order on different platforms eg Twitter, Snapchat etc which prevents people calling up or sending me messages. However, I would still say word of mouth has had a huge impact on my business as customers will tell friends, colleagues, family and what not their experience from ordering and eating the food

I’m sure you’ve tried to experiment with various dishes, what would you say is your most favourite thing to cook? And has where you’re from influenced your love for cooking? Because a man, a black man at that who can cook and loves to cook is not the norm, at least I don’t think so, but the way you’ve presented your brand and your culinary abilities is amazing.(laughs) A black man with a beard*, but yeah I definitely get you.I feel like because men aren’t really brought up in the kitchen they wouldn’t really have the skills. Now I believe this is where talent comes in because even though I wasn’t trained in the kitchen from young or watched my parents, the skill to cook still came to me which shocked me.(laughs) please, I still have a lot to learn but you’ll be seeing some new things soon.


I would say my favorite dish to cook is my duck dish (I need to make a name for it (laughs), which was inspired by the classic French dish duck a l’orange. And no specific chef really inspires me if I’m honest but I guess my inspiration comes from people who I’ve seen turn something into a successful business through their hard work and determination.

Okay, sorry Mr black man with a beard (laughs), the male species really make me chuckle, they really do. I can assure you there’s more to life than a trim and a beard, please (laughs). Anyway, right now, you are South London based, so are there future plans for you to expand ? I feel like your services are needed all over London and especially the midlands, because I heard through the grapevine that there are a lot of Uni students who are hungry and can’t be bothered to cook (laughs)

Yes definitely, ermm  because of the kind of person I am, I like to take time to plan things out and makes sure it’ll work, instead of rushing. I have actually expanded my services to North and East London which has been quite successful I must say. In regard to the Midlands (laughs) if it wasn’t so far, I would really travel up there. Saying that I have something in store for them during exam period!!!!

I’m so excited to actually taste your food, because I haven’t yet.I think I might get a chance, so get your people to contact my people, and hopefully we can work something out (laughs) .What is next for Temi Tys Kitchen? And how can we stay connected to you?

(laughs) Yeah just step into my kitchen and we’ll work something out. Currently TemiTysKitchen or TTK is working on a few different projects but will very much be Global soon (TTK WE GLOBAL BABY!), should have mentioned that at the beginning (laughs).

Find out more about TemiTysKitchen here: @TemiTysKitchen




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