Still Olami

Rapper Olami Still is one of the realist rappers I’ve heard, regarding speaking about his life and representing the realities of youth culture in London. His vibe and his flow are incredibly infectious and if you aren’t obsessed with his song ‘ Hater’, you will be! So, heres how it went.

Olami Still, it’s so nice to be speaking to you right now. Honestly, I think your aura, your vibe and your confidence has me in this creative trance (laughs). I can’t explain it. For real! For real! Anyway, let’s get into it.

(laughs) yo yo yo , thank you. I appreciate the love

Hater is your latest song, and let’s just say I’ve been vibing to this all day, “I’m only worried about my paper. Give a f*ck about a hater”. I love that lyric. At the end of the day, the world spins where the money is. How important is staying true to your life, where you grew up and your family/friends?

 My music is my story. And that’s all I have init, it’s like the music I do is my soundtrack and it’s important to get that across in every song

I always say this, Like I know you mention losing a friend at 18, YB, RIP. I’ve seen a lot of people commemorate his death, he’s currently Tion Wayne’s DP on twitter. How do you bring life to your music when you’re tested by death around you?



 Ah man.Its just feeling what I’m rapping about, using the right words init. I want to communicate with all the people I’ve lost. It’s like I’m trying to use my loss in the most positive way cuz that’s what music is about. I speak through it.

When you say, “ is she in it for the designer ?” I feel like you’re basically saying I’m getting money, I’m doing my thing and females are gradually coming into your circle so you should evaluate whether it’s the ‘loyalty or royalties’. I just want to know how you would personally know if a girl is involved for you or with you (talking, in a relationship whatever you guys are doing) because of who you are and what you bring to the table?  Because I think it’s so crucial to have someone on your side that has her own grind that takes her goals and her life seriously besides just being linked to Olami Still (laughs). That’s just my opinion, though, so yeah

 I’m not gonna lie (laughs) there was no meaning behind that lyric whatsoever. I just said it cuz it sounded decent. I freestyled, so I just said whatever. And I think I would know if a girl is down for me, like the way she interacts with me, would tell me her intentions. It’s all about energy

So, wait, you are saying I made that amazing analysis of that lyric and there was no meaning? What! No way (laughs). Okay, let me just take several seats. Moving on swiftly, I want to know right now if you were to collaborate with anybody, in this big 2017, who would it be? And why?

No meaning, man. None. Sorry about that (laughs). But yeah,anyone that makes sense (laughs) .But, nah I’m currently feeling MoStack and Mist right now, so we will see

I am currently feeling them both too actually, they are both doing so well right now. Can’t wait to hear more and more from both artists.Lastly, what is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

You can expect a lot of real and good music this year. Also, my track Hater is out on every platform Spotify, ITunes, everything, so if you ain’t, check that out! And connect with me on Instagram and Twitter @OlamiStill

Listen to ‘Hater’ here:


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