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She goes by the name Ardelle Armani, she is a fashion blogger and stylist. She is also so fierce and so gorgeous, and she literally came to slay my life (laughs), I’m not even joking guys. Seriously, she has this amazing blog where she features her fashion tips, looks and advice. So basically, we are mutual bloggers, and I think she is the sweetest person I have spoken too thus far, I must say. Anyway, let’s see what we got talking about:

Girl, how are things going with your blog? Because I know you launched it on the 23rd of Jan, so it’s still a baby you could say (laughs)

(laughs) thank you so much for that amazing introduction. But, oh my gosh, when I first launched my blog, I really wasn’t expecting all this love and appreciation. So far, since I released my blog I have got over 1k views on my page, which surprised me because it is still a baby. Yeah but so far, things are going well. I am just trying to think of new content which I can post on the blog because I really don’t want it to be boring. I am just blessed that I have had such love and support from friends, family and even strangers.

Yes girl, it so important to show love to those who are starting up and trying to something positive, in a world so very negative. So, congratulations and I can’t wait to see it flourish! Also, I want to know what you think it means for a woman to slay. I mean, our generation are always creating new words like fleek, slay, lit , its never ending. There’s a lot that goes into the appearance of a woman. It’s hella expensive and for a woman like yourself, who probably likes to switch it up, what are the essentials to your ‘slayage’?

Ardelle Fashion Blog 3

My number one thing I tell myself when it comes to slaying is CONFDENCE!!! If I am not confident in something I am wearing, there is no way I will slayyyyyyyy. I always have to be comfortable and confident. I have to own the outfit, after all it’s me wearing the outfit not the outfit wearing me. Then my other essentials to slayage, is that my nails should be on point, as well as my make-up and hair.

I completely agree with you, you must believe in the vision, the look, the everything so other people can. So,I read something on your blog where you mention insecurities that had held you back from even releasing this blog. What things were you experiencing? Because I’m sure every woman goes through so many things. Even starting a new project, as a woman you do doubt yourself and start thinking crazy. I’ve been there and I’m sure you have too.

I just kept thinking in the back of mind that “I’m not good enough, nobody will be interested, it’s a ridiculous concept.” Also, I think as women/ girls we often get criticized a lot for our looks and we are judged, especially on social media. That scared me a lot because I knew I had to post myself on my blog and I had a fear of being judged about my looks. My experiences were based on my insecurities and  I wasn’t confident. Yeah I have those days, when I’m like “Yeah, I look cute today because of my make-up but I won’t look cute when the make-up comes off.” It was even so hard to pick pictures to put up on my blog because I did not like how I looked but it is an issue I have. I had an amazing make-up artist and photographer which made me look good but I couldn’t see it. However, I am working on my insecurities because I did get over it by releasing my blog. I think what pushed me to overcome my fear was the fact that this is something I have always wanted to do. I had to tell myself my insecurities can’t get in the way of my passion. Oh my gosh, I really did overdo it with my answer (laughs)

No, you did not. You were indeed being real, and that’s what our conversation is about. Just being true to who you are and amen sister I can relate to you! And I’m sure a bunch of other young girls and women can agree that it’s hard, there’s a lot of pressure on us to look a certain way and be a certain way. I remember when I used to rock my afro, I just wasn’t into weaves back then and I enjoyed doing my bandu knots before I went to bed, and waking up to this gorgeous curly fro. But, I literally thought that I was only beautiful with a weave or straight hair, and nobody was going to like me. I also was insecure about my weight, I was very insecure about my complexion of being a lighter skinned black woman, was I black? Orange?Yellow? Mixed raced? I was unsure, because I didn’t look like these other beautiful chocolate girls. There’s so many insecurities I had in early-mid teens, its crazy (laughs). But, that feeling of not feeling good enough is something we have to overcome.Insecurities have a way of holding on to things you want and destroying the things you need. And every woman needs confidence, to be confident with who they are and the skin they are in. So, I’m so happy you started this blog because it’s not easy out here, trying to do something but the first step was doing it. Amen and let’s keep growing girl (laughs). Anyway, I felt like that was really deep, too deep (laughs) so , I kinda want to play around for a bit.So let’s create a scenario where I am your client and I’m going on a date, lets say,out for cocktails in Soho. What would you put me in?


 Oooooo I love this scenario. Ermmm girl, don’t be shy, if you need help with finding an outfit for a cheeky date, you know who to call (laughs). Hmmm so a cocktail date…. Either a fitted jumpsuit with stiletto heels or sock fit boots with a choker and a clutch bag. Another option would be a mini leather skirt with a lace bodysuit, laced up heels and a chained shoulder bag.

Well, if you are saying he’s gonna wanna go out again after seeing me slayyyyyyy in one of those outfits, I believe you, honey! (laughs) Moving on, who are the people you think,have inspired your taste in fashion and style?And  if you could choose anybody to style for one day who would it be ?

I would say the person who has inspired my taste in fashion, is my sweet, darling mother. She has always taught me to dress well and look good. She is also a very stylish woman. So like mother, like daughter, we are stylish together. One person I would love to style for a day would be Teyana Taylor. She is so creative with her looks and I would like to create a look for her.

That’s so sweet, as young women we do learn a lot from our mothers indeed. And Teyana Taylor just has it going on, I don’t know what it is but she’s just real-life goals. Anyway, what is next for Ardelle Armani and how can we stay connected to you?

Hmmmm what is next for Ardelle Armani, well obviously more blog posts featuring my outfits, my looks created for other people and anything that has inspired me. I have a lot in mind for Ardelle Armani: The Fashion Blog but you just have to wait and keep updated on my website Also you can stay updated through my Twitter and Instagram: ardellearmani and watch my every move.

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