Lets get filthy!


I had the pleasure of speaking to the beautiful Miss Goldy Gbedema, the co-owner of Filth Apparel. I really was excited to understand her mindset in regards to her business and the execution of her creativity. Born in Ghana, but currently living in the UK, she really does embody the passion, the light and the culture of both spaces. She is a true representative of her brand and her hunger, and drive for greatness is compelling. This is what happened when we spoke:

I wish I was into wearing caps and stuff because I would definitely be repping (laughs). But, anyways if you haven’t checked them out you need to! The Filth Apparel ethos as a business and their styles are lit! As I said, you are the co-owner, who else is apart of this brand? And how did you come up with the name and idea to start this business?

Hey Ree, thanks for having me, I’m sure the hats would look great on you regardless (laughs)  and I started the brand with two of my closes friends, Mara and Gyapomaa. We were all together one night and thought wouldn’t it be great if we could start something that we’re really into, altogether and could profit at the same time. We thought that it would be best to try our running a business now,whilst we’re young so that in the future we would be clued up for exactly what we needed to do. The way we came up with the name is quite random actually (laughs), firstly we wanted something that made people stop and think wait why that name and the definition for filth is nothing glamorous or appealing, we loved that juxtaposition and thought yes, this is it. 


FILTH PHOTO 3That is how Filth was born ladies and gentleman! (laughs)I feel like your designs and vibes are definitely underground Shoreditch fashion, but I think it could also be perceived as  having a mainstream edge. What would you say is your USP? Because there are other high profile urban- brands that are bringing it right now. There is Dirty Swag, Hype, Benjart, TrapStar London, what do you think makes your brand different?

I would definitely agree with that statement, it’s underground its dirty, its Filthy. And I would say our USP is that we’re basing our designs on the culture, on the music and art of millennials and celebrties. I think that makes us very different from most brands which only do branded pieces but don’t explore passed that, don’t get me wrong they’re coming out with incredible stuff that I would definitely wear but the focal point is always the brand, Filth is aiming to do more than that, Filth is aiming to be a reflection of the current culture and furthermore, celebrate it. 

I get you girl! Do it for the culture mami (laughs). Someone has got to do it. I think thats what inspired me to start Real Talk With Ree, our generation is so gifted and blessed to be able to start businesses, a music career etc.. And actually flourish, so I needed to write about it. Someone had to go it, and that person is Ree. I swear, I always go off on these tangents (laughs) . Back to talking about Filth, I’m guessing every company has their own unique way of designing and executing a particular idea or concept. Can you explain the process you take your business through when designing and what would you call a ‘good design’?


 Brilliant question, well basically one of us will see something amazing or hear something dope and try and build a concept around that, as I said it’s all about reflecting the current culture. A good design, I don’t think you could call anything a bad design to be honest, I think there’s designs that stand out and designs that don’t in and it’s important to release designs that stand out and stand for something.

I can see Filth Apparel going global baby! (laughs), I’m sure you and your team also have a vision for your brand. What does the future of Filth look like? And what should we expect?

 We’ve got incredibly big plans for Filth, in the near future I hope for it to be a fully fledged clothing line, sending pieces out to celebrities and being represented in fashion shows. The public should expect nothing but the best in quality and creativity, just know we’re working and we hope you can bare with us, the wait will be worth it. 

How can people order your apparel and how can we stay connected to Filth Apparel?

 To stay connected with us, find us on twitter at @FILTHAPPAREL and to place an order just DM us, thank you so much for having me Ree, it was an absolute pleasure. 

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