Incredible words with Victoria

 I am speaking to a fellow writer and blogger Victoria also known as Vickredible. She is one of the sweetest people I have spoken too, so gentle and so feminine, but so powerful with how her words are crafted. Her poetic expression is mind-blowing, and if you didn’t know, poetry is my favourite! I was too excited to read her poetry collection and literally pick it apart. This is what happened when we got talking:

When did your love for words and poetry develop? Because I think for me, you were either good at maths or English in school, and I used to be the one that was always good at English (laughs). And then also, I hated speaking. Public speaking was something I could do, but if anybody told me to either write or speak, I would always prefer to write, because I could articulate my feelings, emotions and everything else through written communication.

I completely get what you’re saying! I feel like there is definitely a weird kind of split between what you perform best at in secondary school. I was alright at Maths, but significantly better at English because I felt like it allowed for more freedom to express myself, if you know what I mean? That’s really the reason I started writing poetry in the first place, because I couldn’t verbally get the words out to explain how I felt at times. I would say that it was around maybe, year ten or something when I started to love poetry. But I’ve always loved words, I used to read loads and loads until I suddenly felt like I had no time to, I stressed out way too hard over my GCSEs. 

I feel like I’m speaking to my twin! I used to write this short story collection in secondary school called Diary Of A First Class Hoe, don’t even ask me where I came up with that title (laughs). But yeah, I would write a new chapter everyday, and print it off for everybody to read it at break and lunch, literally people would be reading everyday. Anyway, I digress, so, I’ve read your first poetry collection ‘ The Water Children’ and can I say it was extraordinary. I specifically liked your poem ‘ #91’ , that’s the 3rd poem of the collection. I literally feel like that poem embodied everything I believe in. The idea that life is about living, not existing. Being sure of yourself and what you bring to the table. What inspired you to write such a poem?

Vickredible 2

Thank you for checking it out! I put together that collection while I was in my first year of college I think, it was somewhere around then. But yeah! I’m really glad that poem stood out for you, and I like what you took away from it too because I’ve never really read or looked at it in a completely positive light. I wrote this poem really at a low point in my life, where I just wasn’t really happy with myself, a lot of my poems are me really talking to myself as an attempt to understand my emotions. Really this poem can be read in many ways, but when I wrote it, it was inspired by an attempt to try and see a clear picture of what exactly was going on in my head. When I say “my words are always drowning before they cross the sea”, it’s me just trying to say that even when I would try and pour my heart out, when I read back on things I still couldn’t quite understand myself.

That’s so crazy that I interpreted the poem in such a positive way, when you were writing it in a state of sadness. I think thats what I love about poetry, the fact that it’s difficult to define the meaning of it because everybody’s interpretation is different.The other poem that got me was ‘ Ice Breaker’, and the illustration of the girl with bruised legs. I think the metaphor of a woman being subjected to this guy’s dangerous demeanour is everything! It definitely takes me back “with a heart heavy like stones”. I can relate! And I’m sure a lot of other women can relate also. What was the idea behind this ?

I love ‘ice breaker’! Well, I love every poem in this collection but you know what I mean. The illustrations were courtesy of my friends Ellen and Katie who also illustrated my second collection, so a massive shout out to them for capturing the essence of each poem! So, ‘ice breaker’ isn’t really particularly about a guy, but you can definitely read it that way and have your own interpretation of the words. Really, it’s about pain, like at the heart of it that’s what I wanted to convey. Pain which can be carried for years, it may be a traumatic childhood, or an abusive relationship. The line “and blood can be watered down, until its only slightly thicker than paper” talks about the weakening of a person, and the last two stanzas are really describing suicide, or suicidal thoughts because that’s really where pain can lead you and it’s awful but it happens and I’ve felt it. 

That’s deep! Wow. But, I agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve read an excerpt of your second and latest poetry collection ‘ Flowers I Never Picked Up’. And it’s literally so gorgeous. My favourite poem has to be ‘pm’. Where you say “it’s been easy lately to fall back into the beds of old habits”. I can just imagine a girl trying to figure out whether to or not too, late at night as she has Jhene Aiko playing in the background. What was your vision for the collection as a whole?

Ah! First of all, thank you! I’m really happy with how the overall design of ‘Flowers I Never Picked Up’ came out! For myself, this book is almost an extension of my first collection, in the sense that it builds up on the themes of mental health which I had started to display in ‘The Water Children’. I’m talking a lot about mental health and the places it can take you, and how you can feel. In particular, I’m talking about experiencing depression at a young age, I’m talking around fifteen years old? This collection is about sadness, illusions and delusions; but there is definitely more you can take from it and I welcome any interpretations because at the heart of it, poetry is about the experience you take from it, like any good piece of writing, it’s the feeling you get from the words which makes it worth it. 

So Victoria, what is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

What’s next? World domination hahaha. No, but really, I want something on that scale in terms of my work being read all over the world. I’ve met with my secondary school and spoken to the students there about my recent collection of poetry, I want to talk a lot more about it because during the process of making it I didn’t really let myself have the confidence to mention it. So I’m making up for it now that it’s out! I’m already planning another collection to release, the title is in the works and the concept is definitely on the horizon! With this collection, there is really more to come so look out everyone! To follow my poetic journey, I update and monitor my twitter and Instagram quite a lot, twitter is @vickredible and my Instagram is @vickredible. Soon I’ll be uploading blog posts on my poetry blog which is, but for the mean time I have a few poems on there which you should have a read of!
Thank you for taking such an interest in my work, and for letting me be a part of your blog too. I wish you all the best with this platform.

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