Miss CEO, boss lady in her own right – Mica( pronounced Meesha) is the owner of  Adore Galore,a brand which speaks to women of all ages, backgrounds, races and ethnicities. With their stylish, sexy pieces that are so captivating, I wanted to speak to the owner of Adore Galore to get an insight into the happenings and the background of such a culturally stimulated business. Heres how it went

I am currently speaking to the owner of Adore Galore, a clothing apparel line that communicates with a woman’s inner self, I would say ( laughs). I think they literally speak to every kind of woman. What grabbed my attention, and made me think, I need to speak to this woman about her clothing was how sexy and bold your designs were.What pushed you to start a clothing business?And how did you come up with the name ‘Adore Galore’? Also, what would you say is your USP?

I’ve always known that I want to work for myself and that I want to enjoy life. My parents were both business men and women and this rubbed off on me more than I noticed. I studied business in college and entrepreneurship at university. In my first year of university I developed ADORE GALORE. Which was then a way for me to express myself and my unapologetic personality. The name ADORE GALORE, stems from my “ego-personality”, Adore. This is the name I developed in my early teens through modelling. I wanted to create a brand that not only empowers other women but also myself! ADORE GALORE is on the way up, we are developing our service in each and every way from in depth quality to excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on designing and producing only quality clothing for our ambitious but rebellious ladies and maintaining close relationships with our customers. We will continue to create bold, sexy items that speak to our customers, in personal ways! In today’s society people like to constrain women to what they can and can’t do, we want to break that!

Right now you have the Bad Gal Edition collection and After Hours collection.What would you say are the differences between those collections?And what inspired them?


The BADGAL Collection & AFTERHOURS Collection were both designed around the same time and are quite similar, however The AFTERHOURS collection has a lot more designs and has a collection of limited designs, some of which were approved by our customers. Some of our personal favourites are on that collection! Our next collection launching summer 2017 will be a lot different than both our previous collections, we’ve got a lot pending right now! (laughs) I knew from the beginning that I wanted to design “panties”. I had the vision from the beginning and when I could bring it to life in November 2016 I did! Since we launched our “panties” we knew it would be a bestseller, it’s unique and speaks to many different women, in different ways!

On one of your designs, you have p*ssy power written on them. Is there a story behind that? Because there’s a lot of talk in this generation about women using their autonomy to control a man, which I personally don’t believe or agree with so I just wanted to know what inspired such a design.

We dropped P*$$Y POWER around the same time women were marching for rights when Donald Trump came into power. He used terms such as “grab her by her pussy” (http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2016/10/07/donald_trump_2005_tape_i_grab_women_by_the_pussy.html) ,as a brand we wanted to rebel against the whole idea that women can be owned because of their individual power


Girl, talk about politics (laughs). But, I love how you use current affairs to inspire your designs. But, what I would say is, starting your own business is such a struggle in this present day. You appear to be a woman who is about her business and her coins. I know I am! (laughs).How do you juggle everything? As I can imagine owning a business is quite demanding

I’m definitely about my business! (Laughs) Running a business is yes very demanding but has been the greatest journey of my life, I’ve learnt soo much about myself, my business and just in general, I’ve pushed myself and honestly am proud of myself to still be here a year later! I’d say you have to be passionate about what you do, you have to love it. It’s more effort than money to run a business.

Amen to that! There is a certain level of work ethic you have to have, to maintain and grow your business.Where do you see ‘Adore Galore’ in 5 years time?

I  can’t even say! I don’t want anyone preying on my blessings (laughs). I have big plans for ADORE GALORE! That’s all I can say

Fair enough (laughs), you do you girl! What is next for Adore Galore and how can we stay connected to you?

We’ve got our next collection launching this summer, so stay tuned for that !! Keep up with us at twitter/Instagram: @adoregaloreuk ✨


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