The coolest Kudz


Kudz is so talented and so daring, I just had to know what was going on with him. His musical talent is so impressive, and I really enjoyed getting to know him, his music and his story. Honestly, he is one of the coolest, most confident and genuine people I’ve ever met! This is what happened:

I am here speaking to the soon to be king of RnB, Mr Kudz. Well, just Kudz. (laughs), I don’t think anybody is ready for what you have in store because your sound is actually insane. Your vibe is like a new school, Rnb, that 90s babies can relate too. What made you fall in love with that RnB sound? And how does the old-school Rnb influence your music now?

King of RnB? Maybe, Maybe, right now I’m still a student (laughs). On the other hand getting RnB on the map in the UK is my goal, and I feel like I can do it on my own maybe. My sound is the way I see my music fit and how it portrays emotions and nostalgia with memories. I like feeling like people can be in the moment when one of my songs is on and I’m an RnB guy, THEE RnB guy so I like to take it upon myself to create the best RnB I can for not just myself, but for everybody. In terms of falling in love with it, I don’t really know, I guess it came about when I was discovering myself as an artist and just realised my  whole life has been about  RnB. Also, the old school RnB influences from Lenny Williams (GOAT), Keith Sweat, Jamie Foxx, Ginuwine, Mario and many great others. I grew up with all these RnB legends doing their thing, so when I do RnB I don’t emulate anybody I just do what comes to me and then I project it in the way I do.



(laughs), you actually give me so many jokes, ‘ thee RnB guy’, you are in a league of your own so I think its all achievable I really do. That aside, lets talk about your music, so ‘Like Me’  is your newest single of 2017. What was the vision/motivation behind this song? You say “baby, get high with a n*gga like me, get drunk and be with a n*gga like me”. You have so much confidence, vim, everything (laughs). Do you think it’s important to have confidence in your artistry, without being arrogant?

Well to be honest with you I did so many songs  I forgot I even made ‘Like Me'(laughs). The day my sound engineer sent this to me asking me if I’ve heard of this song I was baffled (laughs),  so when he played and sent it to me,I was so gassed! When I remembered it, I remembered the day I wrote it and I was just in such a wavey vibe. I also think that confidence is the key to being successful and appealing. To be confident in my eye,s it isn’t an act, you know your worth and you can be confident in how good you think you are right? You can be very confident in your artistry, so its about knowing who you are, what you can do, and what’s the best thing you can create.

How can you forget you made a song? ( laughs). At least I refreshed your memory. What I really want to talk about is that the music genre of RnB often sexualise women greatly, almost portray them as objects. I’m sure you are a ladies man too, as your songs are quite sensual and sexy. What is your opinion on that?

Yes a lot of artists do, and probably only that, but with me if I’m into you I wanna portray my music to you the way I want you to feel.. and that’s feeling confident and sexy. Ladies man ,me? (laughs) I beg to differ, I’m just you know tryna make you feel good. Sometimes it’s good to have that kinda vibe lingering in the air like incense (laughs). But I mean, I like making somebody feel the way I do, I just want it to come of as a positive feeling.

I completely get that. I think you can only be true to who you are and what you have going on. In regards to women, you are extremely honest with how you portray them which is super impressive.Moving on, I have listened to your EP “A Man’s World”. I think I told you this, but “you” is my favourite song on your EP. Simply because I feel like it was honest, it was mellow and I just connected so deeply with your lyrics. When it says “You don’t know how far I will go, just to see you”. I think every girl would love to hear that from a guy (laughs). I know I would! What was your vision behind this song? Inspiration? Ideas?

Yes I’m glad you enjoyed listening to it as well, and I know from the EP “Tonight” and “Don’t Text My Phone” were my favourites. I’m happy that you connected with what  I was trying to project, I think anybody would be happy to know someone would do anything and be down for them. Especially if I’m tryna let “bae” know what’s good. There was no sort of inspiration,  I was freestyling with my manager and our friend, so the beat came on and I just sang the chorus, went home wrote  the lyrics, recorded it and I was just thinking about how I’d want to respond if my girl ever second guessed me.

No I get you, I really do feel it. I almost felt like you were talking to me (laughs).What is next for you & how can we stay connected to you?

I’ve done the video for ‘Like Me’ and I’m putting that out very soon, but this year quality control, and a lot of visuals, from my mind, ones inspired by old school stuff the lot. To stay connected with me, you can find me on Twitter and also my snapchat for updates on my music @MrChikk and on Instagram for soon to be video previews and more music being shown as well @MrChikk_.

Listen to Kudz’s latest song ‘Like Me’ here: 

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