He is ACING it

WildBoyAce made it! Yes. He did make it and theres a lot more music he has made, and is planning to make. Taking the music industry by storm , he has worked with the best of them and he is yet to make his mark overseas. There’s a lot happening for him and I needed to speak to him about his artistry

I am super excited to speak to you, as soon as I heard “ You know WildBoyAce made it”, I hunted you down like a lion on prey (laughs). I sound kind of crazy, but thats the drive and ambition talking, I swear (laughs). So, your receipts run deep, you have produced for Stormzy, Kojo Funds, Abra Cadabra, C Biz, 67, Mo Stack, WSTRN, Section Boyz and Sy Ari Da Kid. Who haven’t you worked with? (laughs). Now what I would love to know is how did you start producing music? And what kind of music do you like to produce?

Wild Boy Ace 2

Hey! I started producing at the age of, erm sort of almost 18. I had recently moved back from Birmingham after being up there for months. Erm, when I came back to London, my friend ‘Dan Blizz’ that also produces, posted a beat on Facebook, I clicked on the link and at that moment, I was like “how the f*** do you even make sounds, like, how do you even do it?”, I messaged him straight away and he showed me what software to get. I was so curious to the point that I downloaded the software within 10 minutes and from there, I started making music. Erm, before I started producing, I listened to a LOT of trap music, like that’s all I blast daily so when I started producing, it was what I wanted to make. After people started using my beats, I realized that I needed to start being a bit more diverse so I started to make different stuff and I’m still making a lot of different stuff.

Trap music has taken over the scene immensely, and is indeed becoming more mainstream, which I am seeing. I think producing music is a gift that not a lot of people have. Your ear for sounds, instruments and things have to be so sharp, futuristic and creative. How does it feel knowing that a lot of UK artists have loved your music enough, to spit a few bars on your music and release your music?

You know what yeah, till now, when people use my beats, I still get gassed cause I’m in my head, I’m thinking “there’s millions of other beats or ideas they could have used but they chose mine” and that really excites me. Anytime a new song I produced is about to get released, I get very excited for the reception, you know, seeing how people react to something you make in your uni room, it’s crazy. Another thing aswell is that a lot of UK artists show me great love and I really appreciate that, because not a lot of  London or even UK producers get shown love or appreciation. Means a lot.

I definitely get that, I think a lot of people forget about the workmen behind a popular song, it really does take an army to execute a phenomenal song and especially producers, need to be given more credit.I wanna know if you have any plans to expand into America? I can just picture Drake whispering in someone’s ear about how talented you are (laughs). He’s a Londoner, so he’s certi for sure! And can I say his More life album gives me life right about now.

I do have a few records with American artists on the way and (laughs) in terms of Drake, you know what’s the maddest thing? Actually, I’ll keep my mouth shut before I get in trouble, you know them ones but basically, there could be a possible collaboration with Drake coming! I just downloaed the More Life album, ain’t really listened to it yet but been seeing a lot of people talking and tweeting about it. It’s good to see Drake showing UK rappers love. Actually, a friend of mine ‘Nana Rogues’ produced “Passionfruit” & the “Skepta Interlude”.

Wild Boy Ace 3

Don’t switch on me, I got big plans! (laughs). I see you , I see you.How do you keep yourself grounded and humble in environments that could breed arrogance or even jealousy? Everyone is trying to make something out of nothing or even nothing out of something.

In terms of being humble, I just keep the same people around me. They all inspire me in different ways. Me and the mandem could be battle freestyling for bants and from there, I could have a SICK idea for a beat and I run with it and create something.

Keeping the same people around you helps, sometimes it doesn’t as a lot of people find they outgrow their circle as they progress and succeed. So, all the best with that, really and truly, its hard, for sure. Moving on, what is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

In regards to what’s next for me, there’s a LOT, like I got one song which I reckon will be one of the biggest songs to come out the UK this year with Abra Cadabra, the song is FLAMES. If you watch the “Abra Cadabra x Kush – The Roads” video on SBTV, the song is the little preview at the start of the video. The request for the song to drop has been immense but it’s coming very soon. Got projects with Tion Wayne and other artists on the way swell, so watch out for that.
People can stay connected to me via my Twitter , which is @WildBoyAce, my snapchat & Insta which is WildBoyAce1. My soundcloud is WildBoyAce. Thank you REE!

Check out Wild Boy Ace’s Soundcloud here :


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