Latching On

 Latch Productions is at the pinnacle of creativity, taking the millineials into a completely new direction and to a different level. The unique projects that Natalie Narh takes up will blow your mimd, and watching her work first-hand is even more spectacular. This is what happened when we spoke:

Latch Productions is a company that specialises in photography, graphic design and other stuff such as campaign posters, event posters, event programs, flyers, funeral brochures, logo designs and obituaries and more. I can’t even list everything, but if you want something created, I’m pretty sure Latch Productions does it! (laughs). What made you want to start Latch productions and how did you come up with the name?

I’ve always had an interest in art and creativity, but it took me over 15 years to realise it. My first love was music. I used to sing in kindergarten all the way up to high school, but never fully expanded on it. I started writing when I was 8, and finished my first book at 9. We were in the final stages of publishing it but I lost interest. It’s only recently that I discovered that I was only interested in writing because I liked to type and I was more concerned about producing my own glossy book cover – The designing of the book struck me more than the content itself.


My interest in photography peaked when I took a course at the London School of Photography in 2013. There was so much more to it that I knew I just had to learn and discover. I taught photography in my high school for about a year and a half after I took the course. It was exciting to show others the techniques I had acquired and showing that there was a lot more to photography than just point and shoot.


As you may have noticed, I launched my business five years early. I was running for the Creative Director position in a society in my university and it was imperative to me that when I assumed the position, I wanted to exist as a personal brand within the society, and all over for my work. However, that wasn’t the sole reason for my launch, it was an argument I had with my dad that inspired me. Latch Productions was fuelled from anger. I wanted to work in Ghana for the summer of 2016, but my dad said I should try and find work in the UK. I was so adamant about it that he finally agreed.  My dad and I have this relationship where I always feel the need to prove him wrong, that I can do something all by myself without their help if I wanted to. With this in mind, I drew up a rough business plan and built a website in less than 10 days to launch my business. Latch Productions was birthed on 1st June 2016 in a quest to raise money to buy my own ticket to Ghana. It also solved the problem I had been struggling with. I didn’t have to be just a photographer, or just a writer, or just a DJ, or just a graphic designer, or just a videographer, I could be everything at once. I was, and still am, a Multimedia Artist. Just by the way, my dad never even cancelled the ticket, so all my fuss was for nothing, but I have never regretted launching Latch so early. Never.

This really goes all the way back, its crazy how creativity has to go through a journey to be found. But, you definitely found what you wanna do it and thats whats most important. So, what kind of projects do you enjoy doing more than others?Because I mean, an entertainment flyer must be more exciting than a funeral brochure (laughs) I’m pretty sure!

To be honest, it’s not really about the craft sometimes, it’s about my client. Some clients make some projects more tedious than others. However, I do prefer projects where I have more control, and I can be lazy at the same time. Lounge for hours and still manage to edit a video or design a poster. The more pressure inducive ones such as DJing or photography are ones that I might not be particularly excited about sometimes, but I enjoy them all the same

I know that there’s a lot of people in our generation who are upcoming artists, entrepreneurs etc and you are probably friends with a huge chunk of them. How do you actually separate the business from the personal? At the end of the day, business is business. And girl, nothing comes in the way of me and my coins (laughs). And I know you’re just as business focused as I am, so how do you do it?

Lately I’ve been learning this the hard way. Some people are just s***. They claim to be your friend but still expect freebies. In this big 2017? Pay for art. Pay for f****** art, on time. Generally, people assume that because you ‘enjoy’ doing something, surely, you won’t mind doing it for free because ‘friends’. I mean, if I really like you I will do it for free yeah sure, but it gets to me when people demand or expect it. I’ve been in a few situations where people have taken advantage of friendship to take me for a mug, but in those cases I just move away from the project. It doesn’t happen. Sometimes I choose not to work with the person again, depending on the current situation with them. It is quite difficult.

You really do have to be professional and actually have a no-nonsense mentality, because people love to take advantage.Originally from Ghana, but currently living in the UK, how do you think projects in Ghana differ from those you do in the UK? I’m guessing the clientele is different for you; you may need a different approach.


Linked to the previous question, because I obviously know more people in Ghana because I’ve lived there for majority of my life I have more people taking advantage of me there. The crazy thing about Ghana is that sometimes I don’t know them and still get taken for a mug, because we’ve only just gotten to a stage where art is being more appreciated and monetized. Don’t get me wrong though, that madness happens everywhere, people are mad. My approach doesn’t really change with my clients, as we communicate using the same means, except I find myself putting more pressure on myself for Ghanaian projects since this is where I want to eventually work.

Girl, can you spill some tea on my website and let me know what is Latch Productions working on in this year of 2017 and how can we stay connected to you?

You can stay connected via my website and twitter-@Latch_Prod respectively. I plan to do a lot more photography collabs with other creatives and expand on them. That’s my main goal for now.

Check out Latch Productions here:


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