Low-key with Fee

Fiona is a beautiful soul whose personality and voice on the radio is so captivating. I think that doing what you love is so awesome, and I just love seeing another woman trying to break barriers and build a name for herself. If you haven’t tuned into her show, please do because you won’t be disappointed. Here is what we spoke about:

I am locked in with Low Key With Fee, Fiona is her actual name but she goes by Low Key With Ree on the radio CSRFM 97.4. I want to know what made you want to become a radio personality and where do you see this going in the future? And also how did the idea come about you bringing underground artists to light? It’s so crazy because I feel like through Real Talk With Ree, I’m able to bring upcoming entrepreneurs, entertainers and creatives to light also, so when did you realize that was what you were passionate about? I’ve always been incredibly interested in media, so radio, TV and of course online. I took the online route as you can see (laughs), but I think world domination is a part of the plan (laughs).

Well… it was actually last summer when I deeped I could REALLY do this radio ting. (Excuse the slang!) I attended radio workshops with Radar radio and Reprezent which I believe really made this idea come to life, especially being around successful presenters like Jade Avia and Kamillah Rose. I honestly, see myself traveling the world to present on the radio, collaborating with stations like 1AM radio; soulection, BEATS1 to name a few. As well as interviewing Lauryn Hill, Drake, Dave etc.
To be honest, growing up, I was exposed to different genres of music. For example, my dad’s taste varied from Frank Sinatra and Coldplay to Teddy Pendergrass, as well as being a dancer; doing ballet/tap/street etc, I loved classical music, hip hop and funk. So with my broad taste in music, my passion to educate myself about it, a radio presenter was basically me doing what I love. Plus, I have the personality to match (not trying to brag! (laughs)

Yes honey. I think being inspired, and then actually being active is so important! So, I want to talk about the latest radio show I was able to catch ( you can catch it on Mondays 11pm to 12) , I just wanted to pick it apart with you for a hot minute. So, I heard Jah Cure, Popcaan, Jamaica’s very own. I love him and his music, where are you from? I’m Caribbean, which you could probably tell and how has your country of origin inspired you?

Low Key With Fee 2

I couldn’t tell you were Caribbean! Honestly, you’ve gotta love Popcaan!
I’m actually the rare Cameroonian you’ll probably come across 3 or 4 times in your life! (laughs)
It’s inspired me so much because I always wanna learn more about where I come from. Like I’m that child that asks my mum so many questions about the culture, music, artists etc. My brothers and I vibe to Cameroonian tribe music which is very rare for Cameroonians of our generation, who are basically disconnected to their roots unless they were born there or often go there.


You are definitely right about that, I can’t remember the last time I met a Cameroonian (laughs), literally. Where are you guys? Where are you hiding? (laughs).I love your voice, I feel like it’s amazing for radio (laughs). I’m not even saying it because I have you on Real Talk With Ree right now, like that’s not it. Your voice is for radio (laughs). Do you get that a lot?

Omg girl thanks!!! I get this a lot and I tell people that there’s a button that makes your voice sound sexy (laughs), I’m not even joking. But sometimes when I listen to myself in my friends snaps, my voice is so distinct and annoying but I guess it works in my favour for radio. Though, I still need to work on my stutter. My friend called me DJ Esther Folana (from Bkchat Ldn) cos my stutter can be MAD sometimes.

Shade central in here! (laughs). I’m definitely not involved (laughs).So, on this show you featured a woman called Kido. What made you feature her? What is your process for booking people on your radio show? And how has the process humbled you? Because I don’t know what you are like on a normal day, but I don’t reach out to people and take risks like that. So, starting Real Talk With Ree took me out of my comfort zone completely. I was flipping, DM’ing and emailing people’s managers, and Ree on a normal day does not do all that (laughs). What’s it like for you? And how do you overcome rejection, especially when your proper ambitious about having certain people on your show, I’m sure it can be proper disheartening. I know I have been!

YES! Kido is amazinggg. My show is primarily music related, and she has her own music blog and listens to a LOT of music, like I do. And honestly when you come across someone like that, you don’t wanna let them go, so of course I HAD to get her on the show! And even though what she’s doing isn’t rapping/singing/producing, it’s still music related if you get me?The radio station is thankfully based on campus, and there’s SO much talent in Kent. I attended a talent showcase last year where I got to see majority of the undercover talent, then started to see what they were doing
HONESTLY girl I understand. Reaching out to people is super difficult for me, and this opportunity has 100% taken me out of my comfort zone (which has benefited in the long term). I usually DM my guests through twitter and majority have come through which I’m very grateful for. It’s humbled me in the sense that they don’t have to come at all, yet they still do. And I feel like I wanna do so much more for these talented individuals, and getting them on the radio is the least I can do right now!
I’ve only been let down ONCE. Not gonna lie, I was a bit bummed because this individual is very gifted and I believe in them. But the show must go on right? It’s always love on my side!

Very true, you just have to keep going regardless. That song from Teks Sinatra- Lounging was MAD! I loved it. I’m not going to lie, I did search for him on twitter because I need to have a conversation with him! I need him on Real Talk With Ree (laughs). Anyway, I hope he sees this and hits me up, but even if you don’t, I will hit you up anyway. Ree don’t play, for real (laughs). I love how you play songs from upcoming artists and established, I think it’s always important to shine a light on upcoming people who are going to blow by fire by force. I think it’s important! What’s your view on that?

Ayyyyye, shout outs Teks Sinatra!!!
This is what my show is ALL ABOUT man! Just shining light on these underground artists and producers. A lot of them deserve way more credit than they’re given, and need to be PUSHED on the big radio stations.
I can’t wait till I go on those BIG BIG radio stations interviewing and playing their music man, they NEED to be heard.
They will actually blow by fire by force!!!! 😭
 So, in your show, you and Kido talk about women, empowering women and feminism. I’m all for it, I’m so for beautiful women doing beautiful things and making their own moves in the business world, and just becoming bigger and better. I think it’s so important for women to come together and support each other, like it’s so important for me (laughs). How do you think Low Key With Fee, engages with that?
Low Key With fee 3
Your questions are ON POINT. I’m loving it!!
My best friend, Hayley Mulenda always says something along the lines of “we’re stronger united” (my memory is a mess at times). And it’s so true; I don’t need to know you personally to support you, if I LOVE what you’re doing and can help anyway I can, I will! Whether it be a RT/like/share/telling my friends. We can ALL win, there are enough seats at the table for us ALL to eat.
I feel like Lowkey With Fee does that through support and playing the young talent that’s out there. Support goes a LOOOOOONG way. Someone could be tuning in and hear an artist they’ve NEVER heard of, research their music, repost it/share it, and someone ELSE hears it along the way. And so on, so forth.
At the end of the day, love makes the world go round, and  especially females, we should be giving each other so much love and support man. It’s truly needed!
And I feel like the show is also empowering because not than many people expected me to do it! So I feel like when some people heard me on the radio, they were probably thinking “If she can do that, I can do this!”, and YES, you can. Get your mind right and chase your goals baby girl. The world is yours!

Thats come from Low Key With Fee right now (laughs). You heard her, go and get whats yours!What is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

Big tings ah gwaarrrn, in Jesus’ name!! I wanna be more involved with the likes of Reprezent radio etc, and just get all the experience and connections I need.
You can follow me on twitter @feegetsherway (because I do!), such a childish username but hey 🤷(laughs)


Catch LOW KEY WITH FEE on http://www.csrfm.com on Mondays @11pm till midnight!


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