M4RLON. Its a lifestyle

When I first came across @M4RLON.T , I was impressed by the styles that Reece had put on there. They were extremely edgy, but authentic in a sense, and I believe that he can turn his page into something amazing! This is what happened, when we spoke:

Currently I’m speaking to the creator of an urban menswear page on Instagram called @m4rlon.t .which has been attracting numerous people and followers.Where did you come up with that name?

I wanted something that symbolized myself,  without using my formal name … marlon is my middle name so I went with that .I liked it a lot but felt it needed some sort of edge thats where the 4 came from

That personalisation is great for bonding.What made you want to start this menswear page?

Reece Pic 4

Its something I had been thinking about  doing it for a while but never really had the confidence and determination to do it .I generally receive a lot of attention from people regarding the way I dress, whether its to ask where I got something  from or just a simple compliment, especially from females … its something that was surprising at first but since its now a frequent occurrence I thought this would be the perfect opportunity

The way you dress is so wavy!And where did the love for fashion come from?

I’ve always had a love for fashion since I was kid, but never really knew how to express it.I feel like I dress very different from your average black boy per say, its mainly influenced by asian culutre and urban street wear thats what I find most appealing 

What kind of people, things, and places influenced your style? And how would you describe it?

My biggest inspiration in terms of fashion is definitely Future, I remember seeing him wear fedora hats back in 2012 and wanted to get one instantly.Something you don’t see people wear everyday has now become a normality to me,  in terms of just style.I would certainly say Asian culture  the urban community in places like China and Korea, the way they dress I took a liking to from a young age, the longline t- shirts , bold colours and the tight clothing is something that has inspired the way i dress significantly  

A few brands have reached out asking you to model their clothing. What kind of criteria, if you do have one, determines whether you collaborate with that upcoming or established brand?

Reece Pic 2

Yes , I’ve been fortunate my page has only been running for  6 months or so and ive received lots of support from other fashion accounts, local brands as well as global brands such as Alpha Industries  and even models established in the field. The biggest criteria is that the brand is something I can connect to and something I would genuinely wear, if its a brand I don’t like I wouldnt model for it thats just not me.

There are a lot of menswear accounts on Instagram. What do you think makes your page unique?

I think what makes my page unique is the clothes I wear, I’ve seen a lot of menswear accounts that is consumed my high end brands such as Versace, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Louis Vuittion… I truly believe.I show you dont need to wear such expensive things too look good, most of my stuff I wear are cheap . It’s all about how you put things together…instead of covering my page with expensive designer brands just to create an image.

Reece Pic 3

What is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

Its all about bulidng for me, everyday im getting more support who knows where this takes me, at the moment its just a hobby and something I enjoy.. its exciting to see where i go next with this… my email


Visit @M4RLON.T on Instagram for more info

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