Mellow Mondays with Monique


Monique Amelia (aka MNELIA) is this jewel that I discovered on twitter. I heard a clip of her mash-up of ‘Sneakin’ and just had to get her on here. Her voice is so angelic and sweet, and she truly knows how to belt out more than a note or two. She’s gonna be an amazing artist one day, and I’m just so excited to be speaking to her about how blessed she is. Take a look:

So, I got a hold of your Soundcloud and let me tell you, you smashed every song you did a cover for. Even the mash-ups. It was insane. Your vocal range is mad, I just don’t even know what else to say except you are mad. Like insanely good. I saw that the name was ‘Mellow Mndays’, was that the name for the songs you decided to cover? Because I felt hella mellow like I should be chilling on a beach somewhere drinking a babymaker cocktail

Girlllll… Honestly, thank you, it means a lot. Ermm in terms of MM (I get lazy with saying mellow Mondays all the time so it has its own abbreviation now *laughs*) I mean, to be frank, when I first decided that I wanted to do a singing segment on all my socials I went into it knowing one thing – that the vibe was going to be mellow. Looking back at it now, I guess they predominantly were but that was subconsciously, like, lord knows all of them were rushed on a Monday evening after I remembered I was promising to upload. I have the worst memory (laughs)

What inspired you to do the covers you did? Because of the Tory Lanez- Say it and Drake- Fake Love cover was so intimate, your adlibs came off really personal? Were you coming from a personal place? And those songs are big tunes right now, so was there any pressure

Part of me chose the covers I chose because I had a personal connection with the song, but covers such as “fake love” and “t-shirt” were simply because at the time I felt like they were popping so I wanted to give people something refreshing. Only lord knows if I succeeded but I tried (laughs). The most personal song hands down was the “let me explain” remix. I literally spilled on that one; wrote and recorded it in one take. So personally, I didn’t even want to upload it (laughs). In terms of doing big songs, I kinda like to take them as a challenge and run with them. If it doesn’t work then lesson learnt!

I personally felt like 1 minute was not enough like I really wanted more. When a song finished, I wanted to hear more so I got really sad (laughs). Is there going to be a full project coming from you real soon? I genuinely listened to you and thought, she makes me feel like Tink does when she sings. Literally, goosebumps and a racing heart, that’s what happens when I listen to that real, raw, soulful sh*t.



Awww, wow, thank you. I love Tink man, such a wavy individual. Tbh, I wasn’t planning on saying much but since we’re talking real with ree i’ll let you in a little. Within the next few months I do have a few surprises planned here and there, some bigger than others. Just know i’ll have your playlists ready just in time for summer guys 😉

Yes honey! You are officially on Real Talk With Ree, so I don’t know about anybody else but I get exclusives from the people I speak too, c’mon! (laughs). Moving on, I loved the mash-up of Drake-Sneakin and Beyonce Hol’ Up. What made you put those two songs together?

Ayy, I’m glad you liked it hun. Lord knows, my little brother was even recording it and he was confused when I did it. It was such a spur of the moment but I guess it worked aha. I love love love drake and beyonce is holy grail for any singer so it just made sense in my head. It was definitely  my favorite to record out of all them because I was home from uni and my family didn’t know Mellow Mndays was something I’d started until they got to see me record that one.


Yeah Drake is amazing, always has been. I wanna know what your favourite song to record was and why? My favourite was Do For Love/No Letting Go. That mashup made me feel like I was in one of them old, 90’s black movies, like Brown Sugar, Baby Boy, The Wood (and if you don’t know those films, please get to know *laughs*)

(laughs) jumped the gun and answered it already, but yh deffo ‘sneakin’ only really because it was at home. If not then deffo “t-shirt” because at the time it was my favourite song, like, ultimate fav, still is tbh. Not a day goes by that I don’t bump that song. (laughs) honestly, I’m not a film head so other than Babyboy I’m completely unaware but i’ll be sure to update my film bank with those. That mashup got sooo much love it was mad. Imagine I was on the phone to my girl just an hour before I posted it saying I didn’t want to upload anything at all? Then less than 2 hours later Bonkaz is in my mentions showing the cover love. Life is mad!

What is next for Monique Amelia and how can we stay connected to you?

All I can say to be honest, is stay tuned, the next few months are dedicated to you lot so I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. If you want to keep updated or just fancy having a flick through the catalogue of mnelia, just hit up my socials and be sure to let me know anything you guys want to hear!


Snapchat: html.mxn
Twitter/instagram: MNELIA__
Check out MNELA’s first Mellow Mondays here:

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