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I am speaking to this gorgeous woman who goes by the name Monique Monrowe. So, you are a blogger who talks about all things Food, Travel & lifestyle, I looked at your blog and everything, I think its super cool by the way! Everything you had going on and you really can’t go wrong with topics that everybody is interested in. What made you start blogging? And how would you describe your blog?

Hey Ree! Thanks for having me and thank you for the lovely compliments.
I’ve always found writing to be my favourite outlet and I’ve generally always had a flair for it.
I started taking it more seriously when I saw people loved my writing style and could relate to my posts. It felt amazing hearing people say that I write well when I just wrote because I love to.
I’d say that my blog covers food, travel, culture and life hacks: especially topics which help to get the best out of life.


I read one of your posts titled ‘How To Get A Smaller Waist Without A Waist Trainer’, and can I say I was reading it thinking YES! A girl like myself needed this kind of help regarding her body and just overall image. I think it’s so important as a woman to help other women, whether it’s telling other women how you became successful, how you started your blog, brand, business etc…  Thanks for the help girl! But, what I wanted to ask you was how important do you think it is for women to be united regarding body size, image and the pressures that they are faced with from men, the media and society in general?

Like the next woman, I’ve not always felt great about my body and have days where I still could be more confident. I think it’s so important to focus on fitness and well being as opposed to size or outward look. This applies to ‘beauty’ too; we should focus on being healthy and having great skin as opposed to the media version of beauty. We absolutely have to be united and that starts with positivity towards other women, sharing the things that make you feel beautiful and denouncing some of the pressures we face. Once you begin to love yourself, those pressures seem so minuscule. This is something we need to instill in girls from young.


Valentines is such a big occasion, whether you’re single or not, there’s a lot of pressure on men to show his woman how much he loves her. Whether it’s being taken to the shard, spa, dinner, even a holiday! Whatever he must do, just to get that societal approval or even to prove something. I used to think that Valentine’s Day was specifically for the woman, she was supposed to be spoiled and treated, not the man. But, as I’ve gotten older I think that a man should also be spoiled, and that his ‘gift’ isn’t what they are going to be doing between the sheets (laughs). There’s more to give, then your vagina ladies! I swear (laughs). Anyway, what inspired you to do a post like that? Did you get any backlash from any females? And what are your views of Valentine’s day?

 What inspired me to do the post about Valentines Day was my want to get to the root of why men seem to hate Valentines Day. I’m a big romantic so I adore Valentines Day. Some will say it’s just a money making holiday with no meaning but I think things can be as sentimental and meaningful as you want it to be. For me, it’s important. I didn’t receive much backlash which highlights that many women agree and communication hopefully will make men see it’s as much their day as it is ours.I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to show off what you got for Valentine’s Day either. We do this in various other forms in any case.

There is a stigma that you touch on, in one of your posts about how black women think that white women are stealing their men. I think personally that this is very ignorant and as you said, paints the black woman as a raging, jealous, envious human- which is far from true! For most women, I assume anyway (laughs). I think that it’s a sensitive and controversial topic, because many black women are also in interracial relationships and that’s just because of who they fell in love with.  And that’s also happened vice versa. I don’t believe love has a colour, but at the same time I am a young black woman who wants to marry a black man ( he is going to be Ghanaian most probably), raise black kids and have that black family; that’s what I’ve always envisioned and that’s what I want. Do you think it’s ridiculous for black women to fear that their potential partner and family might not be black, even though they do want a black man? And what do you think can be done to combat this ignorant attitude and these stereotypes of black women?


 This was a really controversial topic indeed. I hate the false notion that black women feel a way towards white women who date black men. I think it’s fine to want to marry or love a fellow black person. I think this a deep rooted preference that can only be explained in the sense of the cultural and mutual understanding that someone who isn’t black may not be able to offer. We don’t share the same experiences both negative and positive. I’m extremely open to who I date or marry regardless of race or nationality, but believe it will be someone black and possibly even Nigerian despite me being Jamaican.
In all honesty, I don’t think much can be done to alleviate the negative stereotypes about black women. We are magical beings. The most resilient, resourceful and passionate women in existence. We just need to continue being queens and not make excuses or provisions for those who disagree.

Girl, I am also Jamaican so I know exactly what you mean.What is next for Monique Monrowe & how can we stay connected to you ?

I have so much planned for this year. Mainly, my food blog will be launching officially. You can find this on: www.thefooddoll.com as well as on twitter or IG (@thefooddoll). I finally get to show all the amazing recipes I’ve developed in a more coherent format.
I will also be writing a lot more in the coming months, for a few platforms besides my own blog (www.MoniqueMonrowe.com) such as @lappdthebrand. Lappdthebrand is such a great platform that gives the modern girl and woman a voice.
I see great things for me this year and some big things that I can’t mention just yet, but if you keep up with me on my twitter or Instagram (@monrowe), you’ll be the first to find out!

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