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More and more is exactly what I want from Ife Finch. He is such a hard-working genuine individual, who puts his mind, heart and soul into his music. He really does make you wanna get up and dance, smile, laugh, everything and more. He’s amazing and I can’t wait to see his name, his music and his brand become bigger than it is now. I see it going so far, and thats exactly why I had to talk to him:

I am speaking to Ife Finch right now. I want to say grime artist because your latest song ‘More More More’ is on MixTapeMadness but I don’t want to say grime at the same time (laughs). How would you describe your sound? And what made you want to start doing music?

Hello, Ree. Thanks for having me. Erm… I wouldn’t say I technically have a sound because I can flow on a wide range of genres, but I will say my sound is heavily based on melody – if that makes sense. I feel like the reason for that is because before I started taking being an artist seriously, I was making beats, engineering and producing for a lot of other artists like Stro, Trapstar Toxic, Bishop Nehru and all; so when I eventually started making my own music properly, it was just so natural for me to take a melodic approach to my music. It was early 2012, I got kicked out of school for just getting in trouble a lot. Broke up with my ex-girl, that I really liked. I was young too and felt like I wasn’t good for nothing. I was low, so I started making and taking music very seriously; it was my way to deal with all the bulls*** I was going through. I’ve been making music since the age of 8 though. Later on that year, I went back to Nigeria for 5 weeks and 2 days, got inspired and came back to London and said: “that’s it, Music!”.

I love how music was just a positive force for you. Like, thats awesome.  I think your song ‘More More More’ is so catchy! The vibes, the visuals are very chilled. It just looked like you were being true to yourself. “Baby I’m the one that you call; I’m the one you want” (laugh), that has to be my favourite line. That’s my favourite did the idea come for ‘More More More’?


Ayy! Jheez Thank you, I really do appreciate the love. Yeah, exactly that! I decided to shoot some parts of the video where I grew up in (Frances Street, Woolwich) to keep it as real as I could have possibly kept it. To be honest, the idea for ‘More More More’ was like a continuation from my other song called ‘Pretty Young Ting’ that’s why some of the lines are the same. And also I had a little thing with a female around that time. But… I don’t know, it’s hard to explain where the idea came from because I actually don’t write any of my music at all; so when I get on the microphone, whatever comes out is what comes out – It’s like a vibe more than an idea. Like ‘More More More’ took around 15 minutes to record.

The music scene in the UK. I think is special because there are a lot of influences that go into the UK urban sound. When I was listening I could identify a Tion Wayne influence maybe and an Afrobeat influence. What would you say influenced your sound ‘More More More’?

I would say myself first. Like I wanted to try something different, and push myself musically. My guys have always told me my voice suits the Afrobeat style, but I never really agreed with them. Then I heard the beat for ‘More More More’ and that changed [laughs]. I remember I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to flow on the beat, so literally, I listened to Kojo Funds for 5 hours straight, then after that, I went to the studio and recorded ‘More More More’; so Kojo was definitely a big influence for the song. As of Tion Wayne, when people were saying the rapping part reminds them of Tion Wayne, I never understood it; but like I’m starting to see where they are coming from now a bit. I rate Tion Wayne’s music a lot too, so maybe I was inspired by him.



Kojo Funds is literally killing it as of now. If you had to choose between being famous or being rich what would you, choose and why? I think I would pick being because I would rather be private with my wealth than be on E! News

Honestly, I have never cared about fame. So it has to be wealth. I just want to live a simple life and support the development of my family, community and those around me.

I love that. Thats what its all about, using your blessings to inspire and help others.Okay, what is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

I have a new single coming out very soon, it is something I have been working on for a while something to usher us into the summertime(laughs) So look out for that. I am also visiting the studio a lot working on finishing songs I have always wanted to finish, I’ll love to do some collaborations with some talented artists in the industry today and keep making music that people want to listen to.

Listen & Watch Ife Finch :

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