Bishops is taking the culinary world in GH by storm! With his creative and innovative ideas, his branding and professionalism at the highest level he really is the one to watch. I can’t wait to see him do amazing things in his country of Ghana and beyond. Here is what we spoke about:

Bishops, you are originally from Ghana, born and bred. I’m so excited to have you on my blog, I really am. You are a chef, a foodie, and if I’m not mistaken, you have your own catering business called Bishville. I’ve seen pictures of your food, and can I say they look awesome! So, when did your love of food come about? And how was Bishville born?

Hahaha I am. I was born here, lived here all my life. I’m so excited to be on your blog. YES I am a chef and I own and run a catering business. I love food.
Well, my love and passion for food begun at a very young age, at the age of 16 I wanted to own a chain of fine dining restaurants. Growing up I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mum, learning some tricks in culinary as an art. In my sophomore year in the university I decided to take the bold step to start the journey to fulfil my dreams by starting a small company called Biishville. Biishville provides pop up dining and offers private chef services and currently introduced restaurant takeovers.


Being in university and starting a business is so brave, a lot of people wait to finish their degree and then start a business. But you went straight for it! Thats commendable. How hard is it for people to succeed in the food business and do amazingly? There are so many people who are starting food businesses, which means there is a lot of competition, so what do you think it takes for a business like Bishville to succeed, now and in the future?

Generally starting a business in a country like Ghana is almost an impossible task if you don’t have substantial capital at your disposal. There are no venture capitals in this country and that makes it difficult for upcoming business men to have available capital to start. And clearly from my background, I had to figure a way to make my dreams come alive. I started Biishville with my monthly allowance for school and that has been the main source of capital for my business aside reinvesting profits back into the business.
The key to entering the food business in Ghana or any other business and to succeed is to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to whatever you do.
Biishville will succeed now and in the future because I do a lot of strategic planning and put in maximum efforts in all my business endeavours, I also leverage social media a lot and keep the brand in the minds of people at all times by updating the public regularly. I also bring out innovative products and services.


Planning and organisation  is so key. I don’t think people understand how important it is when you are starting a brand or a business to have those things in place beforehand. With RTWR, I’m always planning ahead , writing ahead and strategising. Literally, schedules and notes to myself. Its never ending ( laughs).Starting a business is so complicated in this 21st century. I think where your business is located is important. Me being from the UK, and you being based in Ghana, where do you think the culinary businesses cross paths internationally and what advantages do you think there are for starting a business in Ghana?

 That’s a really good question and it’s exciting because just like music,food brings people together and that’s one of the ideas behind the establishment of Biishville. To bring people from all walks of life together to enjoy good food in a soothing environment and also to network. The advantage starting a business Like Biishville in Ghana has is that fine dining is quite new to the Ghanaian market, there are few chefs in Ghana who are into fine dining so that poses as an advantage to my business. The patronage has not been bad at all and I have been able to build a loyal client base. The goal is to share biishville with the world, the expansion to other countries will follow up. Now I need to build a strong market stand here in Ghana.


Thats your USP (unique selling point), I love it!Okay I know I’ve said it before, but your food looks amazing and I can’t wait to taste it! It looks like so much time and effort goes into every dish you do. How important is it for your food to taste as good as it looks? And what’s the biggest event you have catered for? I think I might have to hire you to cater for my wedding (laughs), I’m so serious. Might have to expand Bishville into the UK or something.

(laughs) Thank you Ree, you’re so kind and I can’t wait for you to taste it too. I put so much time and efforts and pay attention to the details. I carefully source ingredients from organic markets and use African spices. Food presentation must go hand in hand with the taste of food. Food shouldn’t look attractive and taste bad. They’re both very important. Biishville is also interested in giving clients ultimate food experiences so I make sure the food tastes amazing and it is also presented in an attractive way. I have catered for a lot of events and families. The biggest was a cocktail I did a client’s birthday and I hosted over 60 guests. That’s a big number for Biishville because most Biishville pop up dinners are for an exclusive number and are very intimate, mostly between 10 and 30 guests at a sitting.(laughs)Ree, Biishville will definitely hook you up with some amazing cuisines for your wedding.  Haha. The expansion is in the pipeline, looking forward to hosting a couple of pop ups in some few countries within the next 1 or 2years.


Did I say wedding? (laughs). We will see about that, God willing. Anyways, what is the most complicated dish to make? And how do you overcome challenges? There is so much knowledge regarding food, there’s always somebody who is more experienced than you and then you have people who are coming up behind you. How important is it for you to educate yourself about the culinary world?

Most complicated dish? Mhmm I can’t even think of anything right now. Ummm id say one of my best sellers, spicy potatoes in beef sauce which is one of my recipes and a personal twist to a Ghanaian recipe. I pay attention to making this dish and that makes the process a bit stressful but I love the process. When it comes to challenges theres so much to talk about but I’ll just speak of some few. At a point it became a challenge combining Uni with running the business and what I did was taking one thing at a time, I make sure I clear up all my school work before I get unto business. Another challenge would be finances and bumping money into the business, the main source of funds for the business is my allowance for school and ploughing back profits into the business. The last challenge I’d talk about is finding suitable location for events, I do find suitable locations that depicts the theme of events I host but the cost of renting those locations here in Accra is very high

What is next for you and Bishville and how can we stay connected to you?

There are so many projects coming up for Biishville and 2017 already started on a very good note. Look out for mind blowing events, amazing recipes and awesome packages. In the next few years as I already mentioned I look forward to expanding and giving clients and tourists wonderful food experiences as well as sharing flavors of Africa with the world.
Connect with us on twitter @bishville
or  for more info biishville@gmail.com

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