Miss Understood Talks with Ree

I am talking to a fellow blogger, Miss Jemima Panda whose blog is MissUnderstoodtalks.com , now what made you want to start a blog with such an interesting title? What do you want people to understand?

With the name “Miss Understood” I have always felt whilst growing up people have ever understood me and I never use to understand why. At times I felt like there was something wrong because I was being me and people couldn’t accept that. Although it took me long, I finally accepted that it is okay to be misunderstood. Its fine if nobody gets you. You’re not always  going to be everyone s cup of tea and that’s cool. That’s what I want people to understand when they see the name Miss Understood and I know many young people out there can really relate to this name, so there you have it! (laughs)

Blogging is such a healthy outlet for this generation, it really is and people are building brands from their blogs. I know I am, it’s time for us to take our futures into our own hands and do what we love for the rest of our lives. What is your vision regarding Miss Understood Talks? I feel like a girl like you has a vision, I don’t know why (laughs)

Jemima panda pic 2

I couldn’t agree more with you Ree, blogging is definitely a healthy outlet. Hence why I wanted to become a blogger. What visions do I have for Miss Understood? I have many ideas in my head, some I don’t want to announce just yet as there still in the works. But what I will say is that, I  plan to have talks with young guys and girls, I want the brand Miss Understood to connect with other bloggers out there. Regardless of what field of blogging they are in, I want to connect with as much bloggers as possible. Lastly I want Miss Understood to just touch the hearts of our generation whenever they see the name.

Let’s talk about your content, I always like to disfigure people’s work on here, so I can truly understand them and their craft (laughs) I love one of your blog posts called Its Okay To Be Different, now when I read this, I definitely agreed and believed everything you said. This generation, the millennials are so focused on fitting in and being a part of something. There’s nothing more refreshing then being yourself and being true to who you are. But then with that, I feel like that comes with maturity and an openness to finding what is true and what is real to you. How do you think you have embraced your truth and reality?

Wow thank you for even taking the time out to read my blog post. That honestly means a lot. I think I have embraced my truth and reality by simply just being honest and just being myself.  Before I start writing a blog post, I always ask to myself. If it was me reading somebody else’s blog post what would I want to read. So honesty plays a big part in that.  I’ve noticed a  lot of people nowadays while delivering content, want to deliver it with a filter but I would rather be honest and real with what I share.

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I love how positive your blog, so uplifting and just empowering for every and any woman. I really do appreciate reading content like that, if only more people were channelling positive energy into the world! (laughs). Let’s talk about your post Self Worth, which I completely could relate too. It really is such a crucial thing to have not just as a woman, but as a person. What is your story regards to Self-Worth & how challenging can it be to attain and keep it?

I’m glad to hear how much you enjoyed reading Self Worth and how much you could relate to it. That’s the impact I wanted it to have on people and God is good as the feedback I have received from this particular post has been super humbling for me.
  It is also one of my favourite posts so far and it means a lot to me, as it holds a special place in my heart. As cliché as that sounds (laughs)!

Jemima panda pic 3

The story behind Self Worth is based on me  in my late teens years going to twenty. Having no idea about the value my worth has. There were times I preferred putting people before myself just to make them happy, there’s times I have gone outside of my comfort zone just to fit in. Looking back at the old me made me want to share this on my blog, so that it could impact people out there. Advising them how important self-worth is, how to keep your values and morals. If people don’t respect you for that, then that’s their issue not yours.

What is next for you and Miss Understood Talks and how do we stay connected to you?

What’s next for me and Miss Understood? I plan to write a lot more blog posts in the future, I plan to work with other bloggers releasing more content with them and just building up the Miss Understood brand for success.  Check out my blog here: http://missunderstoodtalks.com/my-blog/

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