I am speaking to Miss Kemi, also known as Kay Riley, you are the founder of That Woman Is You.All I know is that this movement, organisation, I don’t know what you would call it (laughs), is about women, so what is That Woman Is You? And what made you want to start it?

‘That Woman is You’ is a women empowerment brand. It’s all about doing better and being better, becoming the women we’re destined to be. I went through a difficult time in 2015, my faith was at an all time low, I didn’t like who I was at the time so I wrote a poem called #ThatWoman which is all about the woman I want to be. You know how it is, we know the power that we hold as women but sometimes we just need a reminder. So my poem was a reminder and I reached out to every woman I came across on social media and asked them to be part of this movement with me; speak into existence the woman you want to be and work towards it. Not only is it empowering for us, but it inspires others.

I love anything that empowers or encourages women, so I knew thats why I had to have you on Real Talk With Ree. What I would like to know, is what motivates you? I know it’s such a broad question, but thinking about that question is also very therapeutic. I feel like a lot of people don’t realise or are even aware of what drives them to do what they want to do, or even get up in the morning. I think for me, I have to remind myself that Real Talk With Ree is going to blow, I have to put the work in now (Amen) and just keep at it. But it’s difficult, because sometimes I don’t want to look at my emails, or send emails or listen to anybody’s music. I just don’t want to do it, and that’s the truth, I have my moments. And I’m sure you have moments when you don’t want to film. How does your motivation/motivations influence the work you do for That Woman Is You?

My past, my pain and my purpose motivates me. We all have a story to tell and we never know who’s listening or reading or watching. We might be the answer to someone else’s prayer or the light in someone else’s darkness. I know #ThatWoman was birthed from a painful place but it gave me purpose and that’s to help the next woman on her journey to do better and be better. There are times I don’t want to write or film or organise an event, but then I remember #ThatWoman is more than me, it’s more than a poem and an online movement


Amen to that! I completely agree with you. The woman I am yesterday, is not that woman I was back then. Okay, so you have your own YouTube Channel called That Woman, where you feature a woman and you talk about a bunch of things. What made you want to do something like that? I think the concept is interesting because knowing that you can do that woman to woman kind of thing, and other women can watch you do so is inspiring (laughs).

The funniest thing is I don’t even like being on camera but you know we all learn in different ways. I also want #ThatWoman to be educational. I want to raise awareness on different issues we face as women. Let’s sit and talk face to face, woman to woman and talk about real things we have to deal with and lessons learned. There’s nothing wrong with being open and sharing your story.

You speak about Mental Health Awareness on That Woman, I have spoken to a few people about Mental Health because it’s a topic that needs to be discussed for action and awareness to take place. With that being said, you even say in the video that it’s something you need to talk about.  I love how you speak to your friend Janet, bless her about her diagnosis and stuff like that. Kemi, what would you say to That Woman who is watching you and listening to Janet’s story? And is there anything else you would do to be active in regard to mental health? And where can people visit Janet’s blog?

  You have other videos on your channel, a bunch of videos that I wish we could go into depth and explore but I may have to save that for another time (laughs). What I would say is that I love that you are doing something so positive and so inspiring, it’s not easy at all. Its hard girl (laughs). How do you overcome challenges? And what would you say to another girl wanting to start her own channel?


 To #ThatWoman dealing with any kind of mental health issue, please understand that you’re not alone. Life isn’t for us to go through feeling like we’re alone so we need to get support, talk to someone and/ or seek medical advice. I remember feeling like I couldn’t talk to anyone so I want to be that person that people can come to. I also want to educate myself more on the different types of mental health issues because it’s such a big umbrella term and we don’t know enough so we need to educate ourselves.

Janet is such a great person to talk to about this because she isn’t ashamed of her story. She’s #ThatWoman and she’s using her platform to help others. You can find more of her work on my girl also writes for the Huffington Post.

You heard it, you are not alone! Please, Please talk to somebody. Anybody, reach out to Janet if you would like, Kemi, i’m even available. Jump in my DMS, email me, whatever i’m here. We just want you to know we are here! Moving on, what is next for you and That Woman Is You and how can we stay connected to you?

First things first, I’ve learnt to take things to God in prayer. That always calms me down and gives me clarity so I can see the challenge as something I’ve already conquered. I’m not even going to act like it’s easy, but it’s definitely necessary if I want to move forward. To #ThatWoman who wants to start her own YouTube channel. GO FOR IT! You can do most things on your phone now so if you have something you want to share with the world, go for it. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Next up is my event ‘From #ThatGirl to #ThatWoman’ for women aged 21+ in July so I’m looking forward to that. Women can find out more about it right here
I’ll be putting out more YouTube videos and blog posts on

The movement is still going on social media so you can like, follow and be part of the journey on Facebook, instagram and twitter @thatwomanisyou

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