Talking to this individual was really something (laughs), his witty, charismatic and humble personality is shown through his music. As soon as I heard Catch 22, my mind was boggled. Literally, I was just lost of words at how talented Skylark is. This is what happened when we spoke:

How would you like to be addressed, Skylark or SklyarkOfficial ? (laughs). It’s really your call. So, you are a rap artist who I say is lyrically mind-blowing, your play on words, your metaphors are so mentally challenging, I just need to pick your brain apart and fully understand your lyrics, but also you as an artist and a person. That’s what we do on Real Talk With Ree, we talk about some real s*** (laughs). Before we do that, I want to know when did your love for rap come about and what influenced you to turn this love, into what your artistry is now?


I loved rap from an early age. The 1st album I bought was actually P Diddy ‘Press Play’ but I used to take time out and browse music constantly after school. I think the playground and youth club culture had a severe impact on me; it was cool to rap. It started off with grime and having a reload bar then eventually graduated to me toying with rap and grime to be where I am today. It’s something I always been experimenting within since year 7 in secondary school.
I think what turned it into artistry is just my love for the culture. I know people throw around the word ‘culture’ around a lot nowadays but honestly. I am probably one of the 1stpeople to see the most popping music video of the week all the time in regards to UK music.  It just came to the point where I realised I wouldn’t be happy unless I did what I love. After all, dreams turn into reality and I think deciding to change my dream is actually what made a man of me. (laughs)that rhymes.

The visuals for your latest song Catch 22 is out now everybody, so if you haven’t heard this guy spit, you need to get on it because he’s incredibly talented. I will be posting his video below, but what struck me when I watched the video was how much you used your hands ( laughs), you are so expressive and energetic, is that what you are like as a person or is that what happens when you are in your musical zone? If you even have one


(laughs) everyone says this. Even me and KirX joke about this all the time. I’m not too sure. I’m actually naturally expressive like if you chill with me for a day you’re  guaranteed to be laughing. Whether it’s at my facial expressions, slang or terminologies. I’ve got something for everyone. My friend TD Moyo noticed the use of my hands and that I used to act when I was younger. I was part of a programme called ‘Scene & Heard’ which was mainly playwriting and acting but the furtherest I took it was doing a play that was aired on BBC Worldwide Radio.

I love a good laugh, I do. But, lets  go a little deeper, as I was listening I picked up a line where you said Found my passion, my life’s got a meaning. Would you say that music is your passion and that gave you a purpose in life? Because there are so many people doing trial and error with what they want to do, trying to figure out what they want to do for the rest of their lives.I wanted to become a self-established journalist/blogger so I started Real Talk With Ree because writing is my passion. Now, for others it may not be such a straightforward journey, which is so common and so normal. How do you think you identify with your purpose in Catch 22 and what were you trying to communicate to your listeners?

Music is definitely my purpose for me. I’m very adaptable to situations and learning so initially I was focused more on academics but the love for music gave me a set task. I want to break stereotypes about creatives but mainly rappers. Do you know how many people will shun you for your dream? Girls scared to bring you home to their parents because they may deem you to be a fool and not a serious candidate. Apologies started venting there but you get my drift.
Catch 22 is my mindstate right now just as I finished university coming out to a year ago now. I’m caught between doing what I love and doing what I have to do for the meanwhile to survive but most importantly live. Also being that I wrote Catch 22 aged 22 it all just fits perfectly; a piece of the puzzle. I want to give a piece of myself to my listeners. Catch 22 is a dissection of my inner self, I know traditionally I should get a following doing so. Maybe make something more catchy but this is something for my primary listeners and those who will later search my back catalogue and see I’ve been connecting with all my listeners.


Using your age of 22 is significant. You also go on to say, winners in my circle, I was born to quit. What were you getting at when you said that? How important is it to keep a solid circle around you, not just as an artist but as a person whose hungry for success? That’s the vibe I get from you, that you are out here trying to be the best you can be and get everybody to listen to your music, I can honestly appreciate your witty and cheekiness (laughs), I really can. It’s awesome. I acted man because the figure was me. The way you drop it so smoothly, you really must use your mind and think while listening to your song

I feel that the environment that we were moulded made us. We were born across from wealth, abundance and people who were just living their lives. My circle have kept me on the right path. You need people to just hold you down as a person sometimes, have your back and recognise that your serious. In the same breath your circle can be full of yes-men. People who just agree to everything with no opinion, I feel you need opinionated, like-minded and smart working people around. But they don’t have to be in the same field. That’s just a taboo.

I completely agree with you, who you surround yourself with is so important. You also say, girls wanna be fly jump on my cockpit and then you do a cheeky face (laughs). Can you explain what you meant by that? Like be 200% real because I need to be informed about this one!

(laughs)your trying to get me killed in these comments. I’m just catering for the female perspective. Trying to be a wizz with the words; would you say I was successful? 🙂

Very successful (laughs).What is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

I’ve working with quite a few people behind the scenes. I cant speak on everything but I’ve met some interesting members in the industry so I’m going to be every where you look soon in the crowd at shows. In all the obvious studios with some names you wouldn’t believe. More videos with KirX we got some crazy stuff coming. Referencing Mist ‘We aint the same check the visual’.
Follow all my socials @skylarkofficial to stay connected and mention me to let me know that we are connected 🙂

Check out Catch 22 here:








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