What a diamond! As soon as I was introduced to Diamantina I had to get her on Real Talk With Ree as soon as possible. She has this infectious, authentic sound and I just think she is the most energetic, passionate and talented person. Diamantina is ready to take the music industry by storm. Here’s what we got up too:

I am talking to Miss Diamantina, girl, you are super lit! Literally, shout out to Chama for letting me know a jewel like you exists. You are awesome and your music is so full of energy, I just cant (laughs). It’s great. What I wanna know is how you found your voice? And what genre of music would you say you make? And is Diamantina your real name?

QUEEN REANNA,  elo elo!!! A bundle of thank yous! You and Chama ARE BOTH AWESOME!
Right so, yes I am Diamantina and that’s my birth name. The story behind it is quite unique. You ready for it?
My auntie in Germany named me and the name is split into two meanings.
1. DIAMANT (diamond) – because I was born at 6 months premature, I had a high death risk and my aunt described my survival as tough as a diamond.
2. TINA – Tina Turner was the spice bomb in the 90s and so, my aunt was like “I want her to be a star like Tina Turner” so yeeeeee, I’m grateful to have a name that serves my purpose. DIAMANTINA!
I’d currently describe my music genre as urban pop RnB. Capturing the authenticity of my identity in my music and lyrics.
It’s kinda hard to answer when I found my voice because I’ve always had the freedom of speech and voice in my art. When I started writing journals from an early age, that’s where I felt expressive and began writing poetry and lyrics. So I’d say I found my voice through my words and definitely through performance. People ask me all the time, how I’m so confident on stage and if I ever get nervous. My reply – the passion of performance gives me freedom and I love sharing my presence with an audience! I only ever get exciting nerves that give me a BUZZ.

Diamantina pic 2

Awww bless you! Let’s get into it, so your latest song EARN ME is out now. If you haven’t checked it out, you need too. I want to talk about the visuals, what inspirations and ideas did you have when you filmed this video? It’s super gritty and real, but it also feels very urban-futuristic (laughs). My descriptions are so funny, but hopefully you get what I mean

Diamantina Pic 4

Yeeeeesssss! OUT NOW EVERYWHERE!!!!! Shout out to Mr @AaronVekaria for the boss music production and @itsupshot for the visuals!
For the video of EARN ME I wanted to create the contrast of the grittiness and the glam in the relationship you know. It was filmed in Hammersmith, London and I aimed for an edgy look to create a reality of my world – how I dream of stardom in an urban city. I hope that kinda makes sense.

You repeat ‘Earn Me’ and ‘Show me’, I think that is the anthem for every woman, well most women anyway. The idea of a guy showing you he wants you with actions, not just words and the fact that he’s got to put the work in. I know what you mean by ‘earn me’, not that the woman is a material possession, but the fact that he must put in the grind, like he was saving up and wanting to buy something expensive (laughs), like a pair of Balenciaga’s. All jokes aside, what kind of message did you want to communicate through this song regarding women empowerment, relationships and even love? They are such challenging things to find your way around.

Hehehehe, you’re right up my street! Love it!
All of that girl. We are worth it every bit. When I love, I love with an open heart. So my future man better know he’s got a treasure worth diamonds!  He better look at me like I’m his favourite food arriving heheheh (I’m so extra)
But for real though, the purpose of the song is to inspire anyone to love themselves first before a relationship and if you’re in a relationship, of course it won’t always be lovey duvvy, but they’ll have to earn you every day hunnaaaay!

Diamantina Pic 1

That’s like me, I literally wear my heart on my sleeve. And I think it’s true 110%, love starts within.Going back a year ago, you have a song called 90s Kid. Yes Girl! I am a 90s kid also, but I love how urban but still fun, colourful and snazzy the music video is. You have your pink ombre hair, your colourful outfits. It’s a feel-good song, and that’s what people think and feel about the 90s. I think you have also some similarities with Katie Perry, soulful but also incredibly urban-pop. What made you want to do a song like that? What was the story behind it and it looked like you had so much fun doing this video, was it fun?

IMMA 90S KID, A GROOVY CHICK, BARBIE GUUUURL IN A BARBIE WORLD!!!!!! THANK YOUUUUU YAS YAS YAS YAS I LOOOOVE THAT SONG! The whole creative process of giving birth to the songs vision was so much fun!!! I simply wanted to introduce the world to a flavour of DIAMANTINA and to celebrate the 90s and early 2000s because my childhood was full of Spice Girls, plastic glitter shoes and clips and Nokia brick phones! I wanted to relive that era with all my 90s kidssss! So shoutout to @Lostchilduk for the groovy production and @hanazebzabi for the sassy popping visuals. Filming the music video was honestly a day full of divaliscious (i made that word up) action. I honestly felt so vivacious and in my nature!

I’m a 90s kid, so I’m there with you  girl! (laughs)What is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

New music, EP, more videos, more sass! I am super dooper calafragalisticexpialidocious excited for what’s to come! So follow moi and watch me bloom into a diamond tree. Jheezh!
Mwaaaah, thanks for the interview hun xxx

Check out ‘Diamantina- Earn Me here’:


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