I am talking to Mr Brian, the creator of Lucrative Lyrics. I don’t wanna explain what it is, because I know (laughs). So for our followers, what is Lucrative lyrics? And how did the idea come about? And do you believe that entrepreneurship is appreciated more in the UK, than it is?

Hey Ree,
Lucrative Lyrics is a platform for upcoming singers and spoken word/poetic artists to showcase their oral piece in front of cameras to be put on the official Team Lucrative YouTube channel. The idea came to mind around 2 years ago when we saw a flourish of grime and rap artists storm the scene and thought that the UK has other forms of artistry that are not getting the deserved exposure, we felt at the time, hence the creation of Lucrative Lyrics. In 2017, there are a larger number of people starting to own their businesses and taking the entertainment/media/fashion industry by storm by the likes of vloggers, bloggers, YT channels and clothing brands. It’s refreshing to see because the UK has always had this type of potential for a long time now.

For those who have been following Real Talk With Ree, they know that I love spoken word and poetry. What is your selection process for spoken word poets/artists being featured on Lucrative Lyrics?


There are two different processes.
  1. They get in contact with us through our email and/or social media sites and they show their previous work through either, Twitter videos, Instagram videos, Facebook videos or Soundcloud links.
2. We contact the artist who we believe is very good and ask them if they would like to be involved

I must admit that as soon as I heard of Lucrative Lyrics, I was there and ready to check out as much talent as I could. I’m literally so excited to just keep watching and listening. I came across Henry Stone on Lucrative Lyrics because I thought he was so talented, I just had to get him on here (laughs). How important is it for you to represent your brand or movement in a positive, yet professional way?

Henry is a great person.
We like to set a professional atmosphere so the artists coming in to perform know that we value their time and talent, however, I like to make the setting a little less formal in order for the artists to feel less pressured and relaxed on set so the performances look as flawless as possible. I’ve been happy with the quality of performances on there and I’m continuing to improve the concept of the show to tailor to both the viewers and the artists. 

TL 3 P2

Brian, what is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

We have many other projects coming soon, not only our music series of Lucrative Lyrics but as well as events, short films, new YouTube series/show. To keep in touch with me just follow me on my social medias.
Twitter: @BrianMayunga
Instagram: @only.brian
Snapchat: bmayunga
and have a look at some of the performances Ree herself was very fond of on

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