Ajani. Your sound is so profound, it’s got a cool RNB edge but it’s also abstract. If that makes sense, (laughs). What made you want to start singing? And how would you describe your artistry?


First of all, thank you that means a lot to me! When I was 15 I used to sing loudly around the house, I can promise you it didn’t sound great but I could tell that if I put the work in then I could really do this – it wasn’t an easy battle to win with my mum. I performed in the town center back when I used to live in Kent and I loved the feeling it gave me, audience loved it and it served as a new channel for me to express myself differently while making people enjoy themselves.
I would describe my artistry as free-flowing, I don’t do things because it’s hot, I don’t work with people because they have a big name. Art is a holistic therapy to me, a spiritual practice that can’t be limited by specific blueprints or processes. I just do me.

So, I listened to your EP “The Path of Ratcheousness”, if you haven’t heard it, it’s on ITunes so get that because it’s flames! It’s lit y’all (laughs), let me stop with this American accent. I want to know what was the thought behind such a title? It almost sounds like ‘Righteousness’. And, what genre of music would you say you specialise in?


The title is a mix of the words “Righteous” and “ratchet”, I learned that on this road of life and experiences, no matter how much you try to stay on the righteous side of things you can still get tripped up and bruised a little. That’s where the word ratchet comes in, sometimes when things run against you it can reveal the savage within – something I’ve learned to embrace and love so I call it ratcheousness (laughs).

 I think my favourite song from the EP is Y. The reason why I like that song, is because I feel like it resonates with me more than the others. I Loved all the other songs though, I really did. You say “Tell me why did you do it?” .Ajani, do what exactly? (laughs). Even the way you spelt Y is so lit, you are just the coolest dude ever (laughs). What is the inspiration and story behind this song? It’s like your begging for answers from someone who won’t answer you.

The song tells a story about a woman who came into my life in some time ago, she really knew how to come across like she had me and my friends’ best interest at heart but she wrought havoc like you’d never believe – truly vile. Her trail left some relationships soured and some things will never be the same again because of her ill will, however my writing of the song amongst other things made me feel better about the whole situation and by just being so honest through my art I could forgive her. She told some lies and some truths, both areas in which she wasn’t in the position to speak or act but she did, I learned the hard way not to trust so easily but more importantly I really hope she’s cool and at peace, people who are happy, peaceful and resolute don’t do what she did.

Let’s talk about your song ‘Serious’, it’s quite explicit but it’s just so real, and that’s what I love about it. You say “ I don’t feel like being serious anymore, I just wanna f*** around” The song is basically saying I don’t’ want to be committed to anybody, I just wanna enjoy you in a sexual way, with no strings attached basically friends with benefits. You are reading honey! Read (laughs). I had a Real Housewives of Atlanta moment right there, but no, a lot of people will be able to relate to this song. Is that your current state of relations right now? You don’t wanna be serious? (laughs). But, in all seriousness what made you come up with a song like that? What was the story behind it?



Hahaha the song has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with sex (laughs), like nothing at all. That’s why I was comfortable to sing the “F” word so many times.
Okay, so I wrote the song as a message to say that I am so done with following rules and abiding by a culture that is known as standard procedure in terms of getting out there. I got told so many things about how I should approach my career and how I can blow, I was told to be serious as a writer and it would all fall into place after that but no – it doesn’t work like that. I got tired of hearing opinions about what would be best for me from people who played no physical part in my journey, I decided to live life, embrace the lessons that come my way and I realised I don’t have to be so damn serious, I was like I just wanna f@#k around a bit and enjoy life – who cares if I make a few mistakes along the way. It’s not that deep.
When it comes to sex and relationships I’m so reserved so you won’t be hearing any overt sexual pledges from me anytime soon (laughs).

Can I just say that I’m so embarrassed by the fact that I thought it was sexual, oh my (laughs). What does that say about me honestly? (laughs). Anyway, Ajani  what is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

Season Three of New Skool Life is coming this year on The Wall of Comedy, I’m musically inspired at the moment so I may bring out another project. I’m writing stuff and developing my production company “Symphony Park” which is the company that houses all my creative efforts. I have a couple of really cool brand collaborations happening and I’m working on two new online shows. I’ve been very productive this year so far so there’s plenty to look forward to from me.  Also, connect with me on twitter : @Ajanikingdom


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