April I am so pleased to be speaking to you right now, incredibly. I feel like your vibe is very Tink, maybe some old-skool Aaliyah, maybe even Brandy and I’m feeling it. What made you want to start singing? And how would you describe the type of artist you are?

What made me start singing is actually hard to explain. I’d say it was from the minute i realised I could hold a few notes. Lauryn Hill had always been someone I looked up to and I was totally amazed by her style. With time and feedback, I knew singing and music as a whole was something I was destined to do. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. With the type of artist i am? I’d definitely say i’m a soul/rnb artist but with the ability to be versatile if needed

I want to get right into it, I heard your song Turn Away and it’s such a flipping vibe! Honestly, it’s the kind of song you wanna listen to with dim lighting, a blanket and some amazing company. Let me not forget that you need some Bose speakers, to make sure the bass is just crisp (laughs). You say “I cant get you off my mind” and “So turn away, I’m feeling like I can’t do that” , what was going through your mind when you constructed these lyrics? I’m feeling like this is a woman who wants a man badly, and she’s in too deep with him and there’s no turning back. Am I right? (laughs) My imagination is wild, so let me know if I’m right or wrong, honestly (laughs). “I want you baby, I want you right now”, its such a sexy thing to say to bae, shout out to bae! Wherever you are (laughs)

(laughs) Honestly, with those specific lyrics, it had NO personal relation to me. I literally sat in my kitchen one morning and thought of a typical love scene when i heard the beat. Started writing.. then bam. There it was. I typically thought of your average female love. I don’t even have a bae to write these songs to (laughs)

“I’m gonna fight this feeling for you baby”, April what feeling are you trying to fight? There’s obviously a story being told here, and for me, I understood it as a girl wanting a guy to keep her company, but he’s busy and he’s not realising w


hat he has. Was, that right? “I want to hold you, feel you”. What and how should we feel when we listen to this song? What was your vision behind this song? And how do you feel personally when you sing this song?

(laughs), again honestly this is not related to me. I don’t usually write music related to me especially not love songs. I normally picture love scenes and movies i’ve already watched and compose them into music. I write off pure imagination honestly for the girls out there wondering who broke my heart LOL. This song should set you in that “mood”. Just proper in your feelings and catching a pure vibe. I wanted to set a soul/rnb love tone to it and I guess I achieved that? When i sing the song, I picture myself as the fictional girl. Perhaps there’s a few relations to me to enable me to sing it with passion, but barely.

Question 4: I feel proper crazy now, thinking every song is about your life. Honestly (laughs). I think I get so into other people’s music and journey’s I create this whole thing in my head, anyway, don’t mind me (laughs).I wanna talk woman to woman (laughs), not like that guys! But, I just wanna you if its hard to actually show versatility and originality? As women we like to change up our looks, our clothes, our style so how hard is communicating these changes in your womanhood through your music?


 For me, i’m the baby chick out of the chickens. I’m new to the music scene. So for me to  show versatility and originality is fairly hard, but easy? just being myself i suppose. I haven’t crossed that bridge to communicate my style/look with my music but it’s something i’m definitely working on.

 What is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

 I am definitely working on upcoming releases, I have one dropping in a few weeks called “Grind on me” and another called “Should have known better”. So hopefully those supporting my music will love these two! My main focus is to focus on dropping singles and perhaps visuals then do my EP. You can definitely find me on twitter: @APRILMUSIC_ and IG: aprilmusic_ alongside my soundcloud.


Check out April’s Soundcloud here for her latest

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