I am currently speaking to the one and only JayDottCee. You rap, you produce, you do it all! Now, I need to tell my followers how we came to speak. Literally, I posted an RNB artist on Real Talk With Ree by the name of Kudz, and then you popped up in my emails and was like I’m next. I was like, wow this guy has confidence (laughs), I love it! Anyway, let’s get into it. What made you want to start rapping and producing music? Were there any inspirations or was it something you’ve always wanted to do?

Okay. With rapping I’ve always liked rapping, even as a kid, I liked the idea of telling a story to a beat. I always felt this connection to music from an early age, but it’s only when I started rapping myself, that this connection became deep. With the production side of music, this is a more recent thing. I can play instruments, so making music has always been something I could do, however being able to combine the rapping and the music making is something that I always wanted to do. So, for the past three years, I taught myself how to produce. I have a lot of inspirations, from both sides – but with rap, it ranges from old school rap to modern, and from American to UK. So, I’m talking about Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Pac and Biggie days to the Kendrick’s and J Cole’s, and Wiley’s and Wretch 32’s to the Dave’s etc. I even have a lot of rappers I like that aren’t as known, such as: Jay Prince, Little Simz and Knucks. From the producing side, I look up to legends like Nujabes to producers today like J-Louis. (Laughs) Sometimes I don’t even need a producer in mind to inspire something I produce, sometimes I get inspire by other music in general, because I love sampling so much. But in general, it’s a combination of both inspirations and my own ambition.

It looks like most of your music is on Soundcloud, one of my favourites is ‘Helping Hand’ which features Young JP. The reason why that’s one of my favourite songs is because it’s a song based on being on this journey called life, and how God has helped you. I was honestly touched by this because faith is so important in my life, so to see you put a song out that is so positive is commendable. And it also has such a chilled vibe. When you say, “Made in the image of God, I ain’t divine” and when it says “I tend to rebel when things don’t go my way, but when I rebel, that’s when I have bad days”. It’s so deep! I love it. How has your Christian faith helped you on this musical journey?

Wow, all I can say that song I did with ‘Young JP’ was a deep song from both of us, because we both said what was on our hearts. In this journey, if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that without God none of this is ever possible. I may not have ‘made it’ but still even with the small changes in my life, I can’t say my faith has never helped me, so I’m always grateful. I won’t even stunt, sometimes I lose faith, and even give up on God, but I’ve learnt that he never gives up on me. It’s one thing that keeps me humble.

So, you have a collection of songs under the title Nimbus. I think personally, it’s like a collection of music that you produced, using samples. Am I right? What does that mean? And what was your vision regarding putting these songs out on your Soundcloud?

The Nimbus EP, is a big personal accomplishment of mine, like there’s so many feels, vibes and emotions that are in the whole collection. Yeah, I used a lot of different samples, from 1950’s samples to more modern and from jazz to R&B. Nimbus is a cloud, a yellow cloud to be exact from an animation called ‘dragon ball’, that only those with a pure heart can ride, and I even sampled clips from the animated series itself. The EP itself is a journey through the sky, through my sky, through my mind. The vision of the EP only came as I was making it, I just started creating and put all these feelings in as I went along. Sadly, because of this there was a lot of beats that didn’t make it to the project itself. I just want people to feel this journey as they listen to the EP.

Okay from that collection of songs, my favourite song was Love. Now I am incredibly biased (laughs), because I am a HUGE Musiq Soulchild fan. I love his music! And so, when I heard that sample, I just had a permanent smile on my face. What made you want to use his song ‘Love’ as a muse for your production?

(Laughs) Do you know what’s funny? The first time I ever heard the song ‘Love’ from Musiq Soulchild, I wanted to sample it, but back then I didn’t know how to produce yet. When I got the idea to sample it recently, I enjoyed every minute of it because I already planned this years ago. In the project that one song is one of my favourites, not just to listen to but because of the memories I have from making it too.

 You are so talented! And I can’t wait to see what else you have in store. What is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Don’t worry, I’m only just getting started. I have a lot of rap stuff planned to do as well as producing, a few collaborations and my own personal ideas. But you can stay updated with me on either my twitter or SoundCloud:

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