Time with Teks Sinatra

I am incredibly excited to be speaking to you right now, I think the first time I heard your music was on LOWKEYWITHFEE, I can’t remember what the song was called but it was LIT! Big up her. Oh, it was your song Lounging. I think I got that right, if it’s wrong that is so awkward. But, I had to reach out to you and talk to you about your music. What made you want to start rapping? Where do you get your inspirations from?

*laughs* Thank you man, means a lot. Yeah weirdly enough I recorded Lounging two years before putting it out because I didn’t like it. But yeah, I started rapping from around 6/7. Initially, I just liked the reaction from my mum so I would write about things that pleased her like God and stuff haha I’m a proper mummy’s boy. Inspiration wise, I got the people around me to thank as well as my own personal losses & triumphs. I treat music like a diary, I can tell you the reason for every individual line I’ve ever written.

That’s so sweet, to be honest mothers are the best at knowing what’s right and whats wrong creatively. My mother is the same, she has such good instincts for that kind of thing (laughs).Now, I’ve listened to your freestyle After Hours, and it kind of reminded me of Krept & Konan– ‘Devils Playground’. That’s going way back (laughs), but they were so real about their experiences and where they grew up etc. I loved it! Since you have grown up in South London also, so how would you say your environment has influenced you from your childhood to manhood? And how do you think that has influenced your sound as an artist?


Yeah, it’s weird to think that’s old school haha makes me feel old, that’s what I grew up on. My environment probably had the biggest impact on me as an artist. Sonically, artist like Krept, Konan and Giggs before them have given the mandem direction in terms of sound. Content wise, probably even more so. As kids and teens we’ve seen a lot, done a lot and have 1000 stories to tell. My life’s been more of a struggle than the average and it’s weird because a normal person would look at that badly. As artists, in a very weird way, we always comfort ourselves by saying ‘at least I have inspiration now’

So, I’ve been listening to Them Ones with Hardy Caprio, now I got it was about them kind of feelings that everyone can relate too. It says, “I think about you when I’m in my bed ones, its nearly 12 and your one minute from a text” (something like that (laughs), I loved it because I think a lot of people can relate. Like, you are dealing with someone and you’re just contemplating every move at all hours of the night (laughs). Do you text? Do you leave it alone?  (laughs) What was the thought process behind this tune and how would you describe this song, if you can (laughs)?

 See that oneeee *laughs* basically me and Hardy get bored sometimes and start freestyling and what not. That day, we was just both going through it relationship wise hahaha we thought, why not man? I remember I wrote my verse but the day we finally went studio to record it, was the day I broke up with my then girlfriend so I rewrote my verse right before I went into the booth *laughs* & yeah, the rest is kind of history I guess. We never got back together hahaha

Crazy how a relationship can inspire creatively (laughs).Let’s go all the way back to 2016, your song Mona Lisa ft J Lavaly. Can I say that tune is SOOOOOOOOOOO sick! I don’t even know how to even function right now, it’s so good. J Lavaly’s vocal is amazing. He is so good! Oh my. So, this song was featured on SBTV Music. Looking back to 2016, to now, what do you think is the difference to who you are as an artist in 2017 then last year?

 You know every time I listen to that songs, I’m mad impressed with myself *laughs* I’m a mad diva when it comes to my music so I’m rarely ever satisfied but that’s one of maybe 3 songs that I’m proud of. Even with that, I wrote that in 2014 and didn’t like it haha. I think I’m always growing as an artist, I do believe I’m better than I’ve ever been in terms of understanding the art. My constant battle with perfection means you’ll probably end up hearing what I write this year in 2020 or something though *laughs*

   Okay, there was no way we were going to have the REALEST conversation without talking about your song Letter to my unborn child. Man, that touched me (laughs). I was so emotional listening to that, I’ve always wanted to write an actual letter to my unborn child, like something I would keep until obviously I had a baby (laughs). But yeah, what made you want to do a song that was so deep and so telling ?

teks 3

You’d never believe I listen to that song maybe 3 times a year hahaha I hate my delivery on it, I feel like I can do so much better now. Not lyrically but just how I said things. But yeah, summer 2015 was just an eventful one. The idea stemmed from the thought of having the chance to tell a younger me about all the things I would encounter in life, hopefully saving them from mistakes and disappointment. Obviously I knew that would do no good because I was never going to get younger so I thought, whilst I’m here & whilst I still feel like this, why not dedicate a song to my future kids. I’ll play it to them when they’re of age though, I swore too much *laughs*. That song has written me off with bare girls, people think I actually have kids *shakes head*

Oh my (laughs). I’m not gonna lie, I did think that you had a child before I read this, so I thought it was extra emotional but now I know the real, it’s okay (laughs). Regardless, its an amazing idea and your unborn children will value this.What is next for you and how can we stay connected to you?

Well basically this year has been a crazy one. A lot has happened in my personal life so I put music on break for a while but I’ve got the music ready so releases will start sooner than everyone thinks. Everyone knows I’m a jokeman so I’m done giving dates, I’m the worst with following through but definitely soon. Seeing my friends do well in music has been nothing but inspiring and I know my time will come, God willing. My name on all social media is teks_sinatra so yeah, follow me and all them tings


Check out my favourite song from Teks Sinatra :

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