I am locked in with Patrin, you are a musical artist, a rapper and music lover. How are you? Now, I just must say that your sound is so unique and I really find myself just chilling & listening to your music. You have such a relaxing, yet passionate tone when you rap. It’s incredibly honest, what I would love to know is when did you start rapping and just loving and appreciating music? And what influenced your development as an artist? 

Namaste (laughs), something I learnt (smiles & shrugs). My first rap? probably primary school, year 6 lol well I thought I was rapping, I had a rhyme it goes umm ‘oh my giddy giddy gosh, put down some money and make some dosh, then I go out and say I’m posh, oh my giddy giddy gosh (laughs), yeah those were my first and best ‘ever’ lines lol. I appreciated music probably when I actually started listening to it, instead of just hearing it, like I feel like that’s the space we’re in now, like a lot of things sound nice, a lot of it but what are we really saying you know? what does it really mean? or are we just saying things just to say things? And that’s developed me as a person to be that much more intentional because once it’s out there you can’t take it back, you never know who it’s affecting, but as long as the picture is true from the thought, it’s music, a reflection of the mind and that’s what influences the music.

For those who don’t know, your mixtape Time Will Tell is out! It is available to listen to on Soundcloud. I don’t know where else people can listen, but if you’re interested in discovering new music and just vibing, this mixtape is for you! Now, let’s get into it, so you start with the song Timeless, which is such a smooth introductory song. It’s a poetic flow that I just adore, when you go “No Mrs, I’m just on a mission “(laughs) and “I’m a fresh prince like I’m Will init“. I love it! Why did you call the intro Timeless?


*smiles* Because that’s what I want. Everything I do, everything I make, even us talking right here these words, everything I say, all of it, to be timeless. I don’t wanna be predictable because it’s what i’m supposed to do, I don’t wanna fade. Like everyone else I wanna leave something behind, I want that I have a dream speech or that Ali standing over Sonny Liston moment *jokingly impersonates Muhammad Ali ‘ima show you how great I am’, timeless you know.

Let’s fast forward to one of my favourite songs on the mixtape Blinded by Love. You literally capture a 21st century love story, a girl whose fallen for a guy so deeply that she can’t see the reality of her relationship with this man, who’s not the best guy. I think every girl in some way can relate to not being able to see the red flags (laughs), I know I can. “She was only 17 when she met this n****” and “one night he got mad at her, that he put his hands on her” What was going through your mind when you came up with this song? And can I be nosy & ask to have you ever been Blinded By Love?

*smiles* I’m always blinded, maybe not by love love but I wanna be. I don’t wanna be cautious or safe, life’s an emotion you know,  you love hard, you hurt deep, you heal 10xs over you know, there’s no life for the shy. [speaking on ‘blinded by love’] it was really inspired by a girl I met and I admired her, she told this story in front of everyone and wrote this book, her strength you know? some guy she was with was hurting her, not just emotionally but physically, but her love for this guy couldn’t help her see further and see reality, she was blinded by love and she’s what I thought about when I wrote this.

Thats deep. And it’s so admirable that you’ve used her story to give her voice, even if she doesn’t know it.Now, your song God’s Gift is the cutest song ever! It comes from a woman’s perspective looking down at her child. And then you just go off talking about the child’s father, and addresses the father directly. I think it’s interesting that such a song was included in your mixtape. You say, “love comes around but it never stays”. What made you want to do a song like that?

Mothers, ladies, females. I say I’ve got three sisters but by my mother, really I’ve got  a million. I can look at a female and see the sister in her and that’s why I can make songs like God’s gift, Fly, Blinded by love, LoveYourselfBlackWoman because I can truly look and see that sister in you and so I made a song ‘God’s gift’ for all the single mothers out here to not look at your situation as a burden but as a blessing, God’s gift, you we’re chosen to bring a life into this thing [world] you know, that’s major, that ain’t no accident, weren’t it for nobody but you.


“If I can give you just one thing, it will be forever” I love it! That’s your song To Whom You Concern, it’s about dreams and discovering your truth. It’s about love and it’s about life. It gave me an old-school R&B feel, and anyone that knows me, knows I love my old-school tunes (laughs). Literally! What made you want to do a song like that and what did you mean by titling it ‘ To Whom It May Concern’?

Exactly that, to whom it may concern, it could be the student, the young aspiring baller, an athlete, a dentist, a musician, a care worker, retail worker, literally. I wrote it to say I get you and I’m with you, we feel low at times, alone at times but everybody’s searching for something I truly feel that, I am too and it was my way of saying don’t you give up, we’ll walk 40 years to the promise land and get there, regardless.

Amen!What is next for you & how can we stay connected to?

More and more lol I’ve got videos I’m working on but I’m bizo I like to be involved in it all *smiles* filming, acting, directing, hopefully that goes well. Social mediaaa @patrinKM twitter/instagram and @patrinOfficial facebook/youtube/soundcloud



Patrin is such a talented lyricist so here is his debut video for his song Letter 2 World. A heartfelt piece, filled with truths and motivations. Hope you love it just as much as I do!

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