I have previously spoken to MadzHalfLife about his music a few months ago, now we are back talking about his EP L.Y.L.A which will be dropping very soon! I am so excited to hear what he has in store, as I am definitely a fan.


Describe your EP LYLA

LYLA is my debut EP on top of being my debut body of work. I’d say it’s been in the making for 3 years now. It was initially going to be released ages ago as a 3 track EP but then it just grew in to something more. It’s real emotional for me as I’m nervous yet excited. My life has changed and so has my sound within the making of this project that everyone has been waiting for. But yeah LYLA is finally around the corner

State how you came up with the name L.Y.L.A 

LYLA stands for Live Young Love Always. It was a name my older brother came up with. Before the EP came to be I knew I wanted it to be a girl’s name that could be made into an acronym. We were brainstorming and he came up with it


What were your main influences for LYLA? And how do you want your audience to perceive it?

My main influences probably came from projects that I’ve liked over the years while making this project. I used so many different Rap and R&B albums/projects as blueprints as I’ve never made a body of work before. I would say LYLA is half imagination, half non-fiction. Some of it is me taking something and elaborating on it. But songs like Indecisive are how I have really felt in a situation. So I had to dig deep for this one.

I want the audience to just can sit down and take it in to be honest. I’m my own biggest critic regardless of how my audience takes it all in. However, I want everyone to just enjoy it. Vibe with it and digest it until it makes sense to you.

Unfortunately, Management have advised me not to give out any sneak peaks Ree (laughs). If I could I would trust me

Get your tickets to the L.Y.L.A. listening party here:


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